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I did not allow my self to embrace change

Three years ago, my optometrist informed me that I needed to wear glasses. Me, wear glasses? NEVER. I took the prescription home – put it in a draw – and promptly forgot about it. I wasn’t going to take off my badge that said “I have 20/20 vision.”
Night driving, especially long distances, became a challenge. I couldn’t see clearly and the head lights were too intense. I accommodated my challenge and stopped driving long distances at night.

I knew my problem wouldn’t go away when,  on too many occasions, I came home from the grocery store not with the product I intended to purchase but with one that was similar in appearance. My children were very concerned and would say “mom you need to get glasses.”

Over a year ago, I decided to embrace change. I liberated myself, and purchased … GLASSES. When I put on my glasses, I realized I had imprisoned myself by not accepting my challenge and using the tool available to overcome it.  The glasses gave me the freedom to drive long distances at night again, or any distance for that matter. No more squinting. No more headaches. No more purchasing the wrong products but most important, I was not a danger to myself and others. It was exhilarating!

However, there’s one draw back … I discovered that my children are not as handsome or as beautiful, as I thought – Just kidding 🙂Khalfani, my #2 son wanted me to say that. He  wears the hat of the comedian in the family along with my daughter, Talibah.  But I’m getting off topic …

On a serious note – what do you need to change in your life today? What is that one “thing” you need to change to begin living the life you want to live?

Change is inevitable – the wise embrace change and use it to facilitate their successful lives. You may not have control over all the changes that affect you, however, there are many changes that you can control, as far as: when, how, where and why. This control gives you POWER.

Don’t give up your power

Because change takes you out of your comfort zone, you may ignore the clues that say change is coming: you turn on the television, grab something to eat, surf the internet, text someone, think about something else, or do something that keeps you in denial and strengthens your resistance to the change.

But change will come –

Is it a relationship that should end?

A business that needs a marketing makeover?

A career that’s in a rut?

Unhealthy eating habits?

Whatever you need to change – the Universe will give you clues that a life filled with happiness, joy, love, good health, nurturing relationships, financial abundance and success is not on the path you’re traveling.

Ignore the signs – change happens anyway – a change that may disempower you.

Relationship ends – you come home one day and discover that your significant other cleaned out the bank accounts, and  took everything but the kitchen sink.

The business goes under.

Lack of hydration and unhealthy eating habits begin to  wreck havoc on your once healthy body.

The boss fires you.

Change is necessary for you to grow and evolve. Take off your blinders, or should I say “put on your glasses,” and see the clues that tell you to make a change. Don’t give up your power – look change in the eye, embrace it, claim your power, and get on the road that’s paved with your success.

Please share, what is the one thing you must change in your life today?

Shameless request!

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