When I think of the word Enchantment it conjures up images that are magical and mysterious.  I came across this info graphic with steps for using Enchantment to get what you want. This isn’t about being controlling. Basically, it tells you how to tap into your niceness and express it in such a way that it builds trust and likability.

Enchanting (adjective):charming; captivating                 Enchantment (noun): the art, act, or an instance of enchanting. Dictionary.com

These steps are linked to the book Enchantment written by Guy Kawasaki. Besides being the author of 10 books, Guy Kawasaki is the co-founder of Alltop, a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures and he was once the chief evangelist of Apple.


I was so intrigued by this info graphic; I purchased the book at Amazon.com today. I’m always open to new ways to grow myself and grow my business. My passion is helping entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, to have the confidence to grow themselves and their businesses, and if this book is going to help me do that, I’m giving it two thumbs up. I’ll share my thoughts after reading the book.

Here’s the info graphic … I hope it inspires you and please share your welcomed input.

Your Turn

Have you ever used enchantment to get what you want?

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