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We keep going back, stronger, not weaker, because we will not allow rejection to beat us down. It will only strengthen our resolve. To be successful there is no other way. – Earl G. Graves

The fear of rejection is a problem for many entrepreneurs. It keeps them from making important phone calls, contacting potential customers, asking for help, staying in touch with their networks, and doing what needs to be done to grow a business.

It can be difficult to let go of your memory of rejection. This memory ignites the anticipation of future rejections. Your subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between the real and the imagined, therefore, the anticipation of being rejected has the same effect (stress, anxiety, emotional unhappiness) on your mind and body as the real experience.

The fear of rejection is so paralyzing for some entrepreneurs that they give up on their dream and go back to doing what is familiar (even though they hate it) a regular job.

However, you can take back your power from this fear and short-circuit your fight or flight response with daily reminders and other effective tools that will help you to shift from fearful thoughts to a confident and courageous mindset. This will make it easier for you to do what’s necessary to grow your business.

Using Affirmations to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

But I’m an entrepreneur you say – I don’t see how this new age gibberish is going to help me in my business. I want to know about marketing, branding, search engine optimization, money management, things that are measurable, to help me grow my business and thrive. Willpower will help me to overcome my fear of rejection, not some hocus-pocus affirmations.

Not so fast my entrepreneurial friend!

You use affirmations (repetitive thoughts) every day. (They’re called negative self-talk.)  I don’t know why but negative affirmations are called negative self-talk and positive affirmations are called AFFIRMATIONS. I’m sure you won’t question the impact negative self-talk has on your life, well the opposite is also true, positive self-talk can affect your life as well.

And there’s scientific proof, my skeptical entrepreneur, that affirmations work  here and here

In your business interactions, more often than not, what you perceive as rejection is simple someone saying NO to something other than you. When the fear of rejection holds you in its grip, affirmations give you the courage to break free and motivate you to focus on the benefits of taking action for your business.

Of course, there’ll always be rejections, real or perceived, but when you’re equipped with rejection proof tools, (positive self-affirmations) you’ll see rejection in a more positive light and ask yourself empowering questions such as:

Is my product/service top of the line?

Does my marketing need a makeover?

Do I need to improve my product/service?

Is my pricing an issue?

Are my potential customers seeing the value of my product/service?

What can I do to turn my potential customer’s NO into a Yes?

Is this person my ideal customer?

These types of questions come from those who take full responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, emotions, reaction and outcome.

Or you’ll accept these simple facts (without feeling rejected) : Not everyone is going to become your customer.  Every NO opens the door to a YES. People have the right to say no to your product or service.

Take back your entrepreneurial dreams from the fear of rejection with these powerful self-affirmations.

For affirmations to work, you have to believe it’s possible. However, this doesn’t mean ignoring your negative thoughts or your fear of rejection. Doing so makes them stronger.  Acknowledge them and use positive affirmations to retrain your brain for a more positive outlook and overcome  your fear of rejection.

Read more about affirmations here and here.

1. Today I choose to free myself from the fear of rejection.

2. My desire to be a successful entrepreneur is stronger than my fear of rejection.

3. I know that rejection is included in the formula for entrepreneurial success.

4. I am free from the fear of rejection.

5. I accept that people have the right to say no to my product and services.

6. A no to my product or service motivates me more and makes me feel even more committed to the success of my business.

7. I courageously ask for help to grow my business.

8. I am rejection proof.

9. I now release myself from the fear of rejection.

10. I possess what it takes to overcome my fear of rejection.

11. I choose to take consistent, persistent action to grow my business in spite of my fear of rejection.

12. I remain confident and courageous even though I might be rejected.

rejection affirmation

14. I enjoy connecting with my potential clients.

15. I stay in touch with my networks even though someone might reject me.

16. I now accept NO with a positive attitude.

17. I will no longer give my power away to the fear of rejection.

18. I give myself permission to take risks in spite of my fear of rejection.

19. Each NO opens the door to a YES.

20. I am happy attending networking events because I am socially confident.

21. I take inspired action for my entrepreneurial goals without fear of rejection by others.

22. I enjoy meeting and talking with other entrepreneurs.

23. I no longer allow my fear of rejection to sabotage my success.

24. I give myself permission to be confident and courageous in all my business interactions.

rejection affirmation

26. Rejections strengthen my resolve to be a successful entrepreneur.

27. I rethink and reframe rejections for positive benefits.

28. I relax and allow for the possibility of rejection or acceptance in all my entrepreneurial undertakings.

29. I use rejections for inspiration and motivation.

30. Rejections fire me up for success.

31. I enjoy being challenged and a rejection is the ultimate challenge.

32. I accept rejection as part of the process and move on.

33. I welcome feed-back from those who say no to my product/service.

34. My self-confidence renders the fear of rejection irrelevant.

35. I allow my confidence and courage to annihilate my fear of rejection.

36. Rejections cause me to pause, listen and analyze.

37. I dare to make unrealistic requests.

38. The positive information I glean from my rejections are added to my success toolbox.

39. Acknowledging my accomplishments eliminate the stings from rejections.

40. Speaking to other entrepreneurs help me to deal with rejections.

41. I do not burn bridges; someone who rejects my product today may say YES tomorrow.

42. I use rejections as tools for learning and growing.

43. I am thankful for my ability to do what I want to do in spite of my fear of rejection.

It’s a wrap

Affirmation is that loyal friend who’ll never let you down. When negative self-talk threatens to override your good intentions or the fear of rejection holds you hostage, self-affirmations are there to help you feel good about yourself, and keep your entrepreneurial vision alive.

Your turn

Which of the 30 affirmations is your favorite?

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