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EXTRAordinary Woman of the week – Antoinette Newhouse

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Many women entrepreneurs have chosen to be   solopreneurs or single mom entrepreneurs, while  for others it happened by default due to life circumstances.

As an entrepreneur, if you make the conscious decision to build a team, whether the team is made up of your significant other or business associates, it is critical to choose team members that support you and the vision you have for yourself, your business and the world.

EXTRAordinary woman of the week, Antoinette Newhouse, founder of  the Three Peas Co, has one of the most important people in her life, her husband, on her success team. He supports her and her vision. When your significant other, enables instead of hinder your success, it makes the journey so much more enjoyable, peaceful  and rewarding.

Not everyone with a significant other is fortunate enough to have this kind of  support  and many of them seek my guidance to deal with this unhappy situation.

Here’s what Antoinette’s number one FAN, Michael C Newhouse, her husband,  has to say about her:

I want to thank  you for allowing me to share about my beautiful, creative and super mom wife.

She is Creative, entrepreneurial, opinionated, beautiful and the list goes on for Antoinette Newhouse, founder and designer for ThreePeasCo What started as an idea has re-kindled the hidden designer abilities that are now attracting fashion industry attention, fans, customers and celebrities.

The initial idea started in 2008 was to create a trendier, more chic Hair Bow than what was found in stores.  The Hair Bow idea has now grown to a complete apparel line for Children through Teens (boys and girls) with celebrities Noach Cyrus, Noah Cyrus 2009 Teen Choice Pre Party Red Carpet Arrival

Keana Texeira & Emily Grace Reeves wearing Three Peas Co at red carpet events.  Keana Texeira is the official Teen face of ThreePeasCo and has appeared in full page ads in PopStar Magazine wearing couture designed dresses by Antoinette.

The notoriety does not stop there, beside running a business, designing and working with exclusive celebrities, she is a mother of three (two boys and a girl ages 10, 3 1/2 & 2).
Dividing time between work and her children is not an option, the kids are included from modeling, packing boxes (should say un-packing) to assisting with creative – just released Fall Line printed T-shirt saying – Mommy’s Boyfriend.  When asked how she wants to be known in order of importance she said, “Mom first, wife then the rest falls into its place.”

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Thought Stimulator: You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.  Don’t make money your goal.  Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”  – Maya Angelou