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Entrepreneurs are willing to embrace the challenges and uncertainties of being their own boss to create the life they love to live. In their eyes, the benefits for being a business owner far outweigh the benefits of being an employee. They have the confidence to use their brilliance to serve others while serving themselves and they strengthen their courage muscle by taking risks to create a successful business.


My EXTRAordinary woman  of the week, Tanea Smith, used her brilliance… a love of writing and calligraphy to create a successful online stationery boutique.

As a young girl going to Juniors Restaurant in Brooklyn, Tanea  was taught by her mother that rewards come from hard work and dedication. With a strong will to succeed, Tanea turned a love of writing into a thriving, and inspiring, business. Tanea founded She’s Got Papers, an online stationery boutique with collections for business professionals, girlfriends, moms, kids and babies. As an avid journal writer and calligrapher, Tanea always knew she was destined to do something with her pen and paper.

Infusing inspiration from family, friends, and her surroundings, Tanea created a witty, smart, fun and uplifting collection complete with folded notes, flat cards, notepads and baby business cards. Each piece reflects a personal experience and promotes an inspirational message to create a cherished connection with the recipient.

Tanea is a proud mother to Brandon & Jada, wife to James, daughter to Cheryl & Lefty, grand-daughter to Peola & Smitty and little sister to Chermia. They each help to carry her in their own little way.

She’s Got Papers is reflective of Tanea’s belief in self expression, her appreciation of words and her passion for paper.

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