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EXTRAordinary Woman of the Week – Debbie Hugo

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Go out into your community and be of service to others – is one of the many confidence boosting tips I give to my clients.

Our EXTRAordinary woman for this week, Debbie Hugo, Seattle WA , gives back and guides others to do the same. Here is Debbie’s story and be inspired to be of service to others in your own unique way.


* Joined Weight Watchers in January of 1990
* Became a Lifetime Member in November of 1990
* Lost 40 pounds with Weight Watchers
* Joined Weight Watchers staff during the Spring of 1991
* Believes she hosted her first weight-loss/charity challenge in 2002 or 2003

Debbie’s Weight Watchers Story

“I joined Weight Watchers the third Tuesday in January 1990 after seeing myself in a Christmas video, December 1989.  I was horrified and knew that I needed to do something after realizing that all of the “other somethings,” weren’t working.  I did not come to Weight Watchers willingly.  In fact upon finding out how much I needed to lose, I made a promise to myself that I could quit after accomplishing the one thing I had never done ever in the past.  Lose ten pounds.  When I did….I promised myself just ten more and than I would quit.  I was going to quit four different times but made Lifetime instead.  On November 27, 1990 after losing 40 pounds and completing six weeks of maintenance, I became a Lifetime member.

As a Lifetime member, I continued to come to meetings every Tuesday evening.  It was my entertainment and in fact, my lifeline.  I was approached by a receptionist to come work for Weight Watchers and so in spring of 1991, I did.

I have worn many hats for Weight Watchers… receptionist, receptionist trainer, mentor, at-work receptionist, ambassador, TM assistant and leader.  Of all these gratifying jobs that I have done, I have come to realize that my passion is in helping members become everything that they had dreamed and dared to be the moment that they walked through our doors. No better job exists…”

Debbie’s Weight Watchers Charity Efforts (Before Lose for Good)

Every year, for five years, Debbie has coordinated an eight-week challenge.  She asks her members to create a “food shrine” at home to recognize their weight-loss progress.  Each week members lose weight, they contribute the same amount of weight in food toward their shrine and display it in a place that reminds them of their progress (kitchen, dining room, etc).  In the meetings, the members are able to visually track their progress by  a chart that is displayed representing their group weight-loss.  After the eight weeks, Debbie collects the food and donates everything to a local charity/food bank.

Last year, Debbie’s members lost 2,325 pounds and were ready to donate the collection of food to several food banks in the area.  One of which was in Kent , WA.  During this time, floods hit a neighboring area – devastating everything.  People were losing their homes, roads were closed off, and their pantries were in need.  Debbie’s husband convinced her that it would do more service to donate the food to those affected by the disaster.  At the last minute, Debbie organized for the majority of food collected to be donated to the flood victims.  In addition, her husband’s company donated one of their delivery trucks to make sure the food arrived to the flood area safely.

Debbie thinks one of the reasons why her effort has worked every year is because it’s her “baby,” she believes in it, and it’s one of her passions.  She has always believed in her own idea, which is why she’s able to sell the challenge to her members.  All of them want to go home and create a shrine, compete against other meetings, and write in their weekly weight-loss progress on the meeting charts.  She always tells her members that their losses could be someone else’s gain; and that has always been a big motivator for her members.

How has Debbie’s story inspired you to take action now?  Please take the time to  share with us your story so that others can be inspired.

Thought Stimulator: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others – Mahatma Gandhi