Face Your Fears Affirmations(This recording is tranquil, relaxing,  and meditative)


add-to-cart One of the “Cs” of entrepreneurial success is COURAGE. Being courageous doesn’t mean to be fearless, it’s taking action, in spite of your fears, to achieve your goals.



Affirmations CAN strengthen your courage muscle on a subconscious level.
I recorded this powerful “Face Your Fears”  positive affirmations to help you to move through your fears for your success.

***Don’t listen to this recording while you’re driving***

The music on this tape is tranquil, relaxing, hypnotic and meditative. For best results use a head set and listen to this recording with your eyes closed in a relaxed frame of mind. You’ll strengthen your courage muscle more quickly if you listen to this recording while falling asleep.

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Here’s to the confident, courageous and unstoppable you!


Coach Adalia