Do you ever find yourself struggling to write content to connect and engage with your Blog Readers?

Even though the internet has been around for a few decades, for some of us, it’s still a new frontier. I use blogging for online marketing and I write content that, I hope,  is valuable to my readers.

Sometimes, writing new content that’s valuable can be a challenge.

I’m always on the look out for new ideas to keep me from blogging rut. I found a golden nugget at one of my favorite blogs  Michelle 

Michelle created an infographic, Five Ways to Connect with Your Blog Readers. These tips  will help you with content for your blog and will keep you from blog rut for a while.

I’ve challenged myself to write a post for each of these tips. I’ll keep you posted.

Check out Michelle’s infographic below. And please share your thoughts.

Like this infographic? Visit to learn how to build visibility, voice, and community online.

Your turn

Where do you get ideas for content?

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