I strongly believe that life lessons are woven into every experience. One has to be willing to see and accept the lesson.

My children will tell you that when they end their sharing of some tale or experience, I usually ask the dreaded question: “so what’s the life lesson?”

Here’s a video from Ted Talks  Ken Goldberg  – he shares four very human lessons that he’s learned from working with robots.

Ken Goldberg is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. He’s also an artist, writer, inventor, and researcher in the field of robotics and automation.

What Ken shares is thought provoking. See video below and give me your welcomed feed-back.

Here’s my overview of the video

1.  Question Assumptions:

Have you ever assumed something that caused you pain and suffering? My friend did. Her life was perfect: she had a loving husband, two adorable children who were the apple of their father’s eyes. She assumed that her marriage would last a life time and did not take the necessary steps to secure her financial health.

After three decades, her husband decided he wanted someone younger and prettier, I know it sounds cliched, but it’s true. To her dismay, she discovered he had canceled the credit cards and hidden all of their money. He manipulated the system so that she had to move out of their home.

I won’t bore you with the details but fast forward to today, three years later; my friend is still going to court over this matter, all because of an assumption.

Question your assumptions; it’s the healthy thing to do.

3.  When in doubt improvise

im·pro·vise ~ verb (used with object)

To compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation.

Improvisation is the cornerstone of success as a mother and a business owner. When you condition your mind to improvise, OMG, the solutions you come up with at a moments notice, is nothing short of a miracle.

When your path is blocked, Pivot.

Are you stuck in your relationship?

Stuck in a dead in job?

Stuck in your business?

Do you have a hard time differentiating between who is the parent and who’s the child?

Pivot Point: When you decide you’ve had enough and you’re ready, willing and able to give your 100%+ to change your situation. It can happen organically or you can make a conscious decision that you’re at a pivot point.

Pivot Points are about change. Are you ready for change? Find your Pivot Point.

4.  Practice, practice, practice

It takes 10,000 hours doing one thing to become an expert. Stop wasting time. Find your brilliance, practice, practice, practice some more and master it. Your clients/customers will love you for it. If being a mom is your calling, you can practice that too. Read books, attend workshops, and hang out with mothers you admire.

It’s a wrap

Keep your eyes open for the life lessons that come your way. Watch out for those organic pivot points, they will take your life  from bad to good, good to better and from better to extraordinary.

Your turn

What is your take away from this video?

Image: Victor Habbick @freedigitalphoto.net

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