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Reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon writes about women entrepreneurs around the world.

She speaks passionately about this topic on a video I found on As I listened to her conversation, I thought to myself “she’s speaking of my mother and the other women who formed a business network, on the island of Antigua, several decades ago, selling fruits and vegetables to the local community, tourists and hotel industry.  My mother inspired me to be an entrepreneur.

Gayle believes that women entrepreneurs around the world are not getting the recognition or the financial assistance they deserve.

Some of the highlights from her conversation:

When we change how we see ourselves others will follow.

Women want to move from micro hope and micro ambitions.

Women want to go from micro loans, to medium and beyond.

If you talk about jobs you have to talk about entrepreneurs.

Never import other people’s limitations.

And for me, the one that brings it full circle:

Women cannot be both 50% of the population and a special interest group.

I hope you’ll be inspired to keep making your entrepreneurial dreams real. Please give some feed back in the comment section below.

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