I was stuck. I was in a creative funk.

I still functioned normally in most areas: Going through the motion of doing everyday activities. Having fun and thought-provoking conversations with my children. Sharing insights and words of wisdom with my granddaughter.

But when it came to my online business, I was riding the hamster wheel. My blog was stagnant—what should I write about?
Should I market on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, a Facebook group or page, Live Stream, or something else?
Should I leave Constant Contact for AWeber? (I did).
Should I stay with Genesis or try another theme? I did. Divi. I don’t like it.

I was experiencing the phenomenon of “over choice,” which leads to analysis paralysis… which leads to … being stuck … which leads to …
My passion for coaching and online marketing waned.

What’s going on?

I should be able to figure this out on my own. After all, I’m THE superwoman who was left on a sidewalk, pregnant, with two children by her side. Who then, single-handedly, raised them, without any support (financial or emotional) from anyone (my choice—I didn’t let anyone in) to be good citizens of the world.

Do you see the problem with this attitude? I do.

In sleuth mode, I bought a plethora of programs to get unstuck, to rekindle my creativity, to overcome my analysis paralysis. But, on my hard drive they sat. Unopened. Gathering dust.
One morning, while listening to  one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided mediation, I spoke to my Super Conscious Mind. I was willing to allow a person, a thing, anything, into my space that would help me to unleash my creativity and get unstuck. A few days later, mid-August, I opened one of the numerous emails that flood my inbox every day (I’m addicted to signing up for newsletters), and there was a challenge being offered by Kelly McCausey called the Stretch Yourself Challenge, and I purchased it. Intuitively, I knew this wasn’t going to gather dust on my hard drive.

And I was right.

OMG! The 30-Day Stretch Yourself Challenge is phenomenal.stretch-yourself-challenge

I’ve written two blog posts in two days.
I created my first video for YouTube.
The who, what, where, and when of marketing is clearer.
I’m in the process of hiring a virtual assistant.
I’m preparing to set up the platforms for my programs.
Whew … I’ve done more in two weeks than I’ve done in months.
The support from Kelly McCausey and others in the challenge is a priceless asset.

If you want to learn how to launch or grow an existing business, this challenge is for you.
If you’re overwhelmed, stuck, confused, or indecisive about marketing, systems, platforms, content, this challenge is for you.
If you’re trying to find your purpose, your niche, this challenge is for you.
If you suffer from imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, the phenomenon of over choice, this challenge is for you
Or, you want to break the habit of being you … then,

I highly, recommend the Stretch Yourself Challenge because to take your power back from your success-stoppers, to grow yourself and grow your business, you’ve got to step out of the shadows and stretch yourself. This challenge will help you do this.

Join the Stretch Yourself Challenge Today

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ Dale Carnegie Share on X

Are you ready to start stretching yourself? Click the link to get started  Stretch Yourself Challenge

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