“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
― Abraham Lincoln

I read an article on yahoo, a few days ago, about happiness and it stimulated my thinking …

What is happiness?

Wikipedia says: Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

This definition brought on my ramblings about happiness and what people say about it.

Can you taste happiness?

“Yummy”  said my friend, June, as she ate the chocolate cake, “it makes me so happy.”

What does it feel like?

“I feel so happy,” said Annette, after speaking to her boyfriend on the phone.

What does it sound like?

“Listening to that beautiful jazz piece makes me so happy” said my friend to her husband.

What does it look like?

“When I look at that beautiful sunset, my heart is filled with happiness” my sister said repeatedly, when we vacationed in the Caribbean.

Can some one or something make you happy?

“I want to marry you and make you happy” the young man said to his girlfriend.

Can you buy happiness?

“If you buy me those shoes,” Julie said to her dad, “you will make me so happy.”

Can you sell happiness ?

“You will make your husband happy,” said the avid salesman, “if you buy your husband this HDTV for father’s day.”

Does happiness resides inside or outside of you?

“I just want to be happy,” said a tearful Susie to her co-worker.

Can you create happiness with your thoughts?

“I think am happy” Cynthia said to her friend.

Can you turn happiness on and off?

“Leave me alone” Jill said to her husband, “I am not feeling happy right now.”

A ba rambles about happiness.

Parents love to ask their babies  – in that cooing voice – ” why is our little ba unhappy?”  Stop for a moment. Maybe your ba isn’t unhappy but he/she is being programmed to associate certain behaviors with unhappiness?

Here’s what one ba had to say about it:

Heh mom, dad, happiness is at the core of my essence. Stop telling me I am not happy. When I ignore you, I ‘m still happy. When I refuse to smile for our annoying neighbors, I’m still happy. When I cry to get you attention, I’m still happy. When I throw up, I’m still happy. And when I have a tantrum, I’m still happy.

Why do you want to take my happiness away?

Mom, Dad, I own my happiness, it’s inside of me. If you keep telling me I’m not happy because I exhibit unwanted behaviors, I could grow up trying to find my happiness.

When my relationship ends, I may do something stupid because my happiness is walking out the door. When I have challenges, the discomfort may be interpreted as unhappiness. I may reach for food , a drink, or search endlessly for my happiness.

Mom, Dad, leave my happiness alone and let it thrive right here inside of me.

It’s a wrap

Given a choice between happiness and unhappiness, most people will choose happiness . Why, then, is being happy  so illusive for  many?

  • Nothing or none one can make me happy.
  • Happiness is a mind thing. It comes from within, (controlled my thoughts) not without.
  • You choose to be happy or not.

Your happiness doesn’t leave when you’re experiencing negative emotions: anger, resentment, pain/suffering, disappointment etc. You’ve allowed those negative emotions to be dominant. However, your happiness is right there, at the core of your being, waiting to be the band-aid for your wounds.

Happiness is an emotion. It’s energy. It’s limitless. Allow your happiness to radiate outwardly to the people you meet, it may influence them to do the same. ~ Adalia

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Your Turn

What does this “thing” called happiness mean to you?  Please  Share your thoughts.

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To your life filled with happiness!

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