I am glad to be back on my success train but I learned so much on my Pit Stop break. I started my EXTRAordinary Woman of the month series and the response was fantastic. I had so many unique extraordinary women nominees that I decided to make it a weekly posting. A few people were intimidated by the capitalized EXTRA, they felt that they were not that EXTRAordinary.

When you have confidence in your self, and you have clarity for your purpose you will know that you are indeed an EXTRAordinary woman. An EXTRAordinary woman is a woman who knows that she is uniquely EXTRAordinary.

The next three words that I have chosen to be on my success team are education, enlightenment and experience.

Let’s talk Education:

To be successful in your chosen field you will have to become an expert. You want to show your market how brilliant you are. I know they say fake it until you make it but you can only fake it for so long. Therefore, it is important to regularly educate and arm your self with the knowledge that’s going to make you stand out from the noisy crowd.

Self development is a must both for your business and your personal life. So take a cruise along the information highway and stockpile your mind with information. Look at what’s available to you:  The internet, books, e books, audios, videos, seminars, lectures etc.
Educate yourself about the tax laws that specific to your business and/or utilize the service of an expert. Put people on your team who are smarter than you, if you are the smartest person on your team you are going to be stuck, plain and simple.

As you travel along the way share your information with others form alliances and affiliations. This is the age of cooperation not competition and Michelle Price said it perfectly “Connectivity is the new currency.”  So educate yourself, connect, build a strong team and with confidence show the business world that you mean business.

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