Do you find yourself resisting the things you need to do to connect with your prospective clients and grow your business?

I’m sharing an exercise “How to Break Through Resistance” that I gave to one of my weekly clients  who was resisting taking action to get new clients and to grow her business.

She was afraid of rejection.

Rejection can be the beginning of a new conversation or it can be a blessing in disguise. ~ Adalia

This exercise helped her to break through her resistance and become rejection proof.

How to break through resistance for your business success in 9 simple steps

1. Grab your journal and write down 5 simple things you can do this week to pamper yourself, and do each one of them.

2. Journal your thoughts, fears, AHA moments, breakdowns and your breakthroughs. Be authentic; let your pen speak your truth.

3. Organize and strategize to connect with your prospective clients:

How many hours per day.

How many contacts.

In person, telephone, email or social media.

Talk to family and friends.

Connect with past clients.


4. Have a conversation with your higher self and acknowledge your fear of rejection and say: I am taking back my power. Even though I fear rejection, I’m going to follow these simple exercises. I’m all grown up. I’m the boss of me and no one can send me to my room.

5. Affirm your success – write them down and read them in the mornings and evenings.


Even though I am fearful, I will contact my prospective customers.

I am rejection proof.

The only person who can make me feel inferior is myself.

I am worthy of happiness, joy, abundance.

I deserve the life I have envisioned.

I give myself permission to be imperfect.

I now accept that I am a creative and intelligent person.

I am confident, courageous and unstoppable.

I take back my power and I will never give it up again.

I know, at this moment, my ideal clients are ready, willing and able to connect with me.

6. Each day, write down what you’re grateful for in your life. Make it a new habit.

7. Acknowledge your negative self-talk. They will not go away because you ignore them. When you ignore them you give them power. Instead, say: thank you very much for that thought but it’s not what I want to think, say or feel.

Replace them with new empowering self talk – with time, the positive self talk will dominate.


  • I don’t like meeting new people (negative).
  • Even though I’m not a social person, I’m still willing to do what’s necessary for my success. (positive)

8. Always assume that you’re three feet from gold.

Your client could be standing in a line at some venue, in the front or in the back of you. Be curious. Be bold.

Connect, have a conversation

Listen and listen some more. Be helpful. Share what you do.  Don’t sell! Share!

9. If not now when?

It’s not about YOU – it’s about them, the people who can benefit from your product or service. Break through your resistance  to be of service to the people who need it most.

Your Turn

What do you do when you feel resistance coming on?

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image by: renjith krishnan at free digitial photo