Two Simple Steps to Help You Cope with Rejection

The inability to cope with rejection will keep you from living a happy fulfilling life. It will keep you from being successful personally and professionally.

Rejection can happen any time, anyplace and it can come from just about anyone.  Living your life avoiding rejection is not living. 

We all want to be accepted

On some level, we all want to be accepted –  it is a normal human trait. The reality is we will not always get it.  What separates someone who has self-confidence and high self esteem, from someone who doesn’t, is that a confident person takes rejection and throws it to the wind and moves on.

A confident person understands and accepts that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. To the confident person – rejection is one of the many ingredients for the recipe of life – an ingredient YOU can accept or REJECT.

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

The fear of rejection will keep you from asking for what you want. It will keep you from talking to that person who could become your client. It holds you back from approaching someone who could help your business to grow. It keeps you from being authentic and speaking your truth.

You may or may not be consciously aware of your fear of rejection but it prevents you from being courageous and taking risks.  Like a chameleon, you change who you are to avoid rejection.

Will the real you please – Stand up and stand out!

How to cope with rejection with two simple steps:

The Rejection Proof  Formula™

  1. Starting today, begin functioning at a high level of self-acceptance, self- appreciation, and self-approval …  this simple means really liking yourself,  your strengths and your perceived weaknesses. Begin to appreciate you, and as often as you can, give yourself a stamp of approval. You want to have the subconscious attitude that says “I hope you accept me but if you don’t, I’m not going to love me any less.”


  1. Accept the reality that everyone isn’t going to like you. Reflect on history for a moment, think of some of the most influential people of all times … not everybody loved or supported them. Therefore, if someone criticizes you, a client cancels an appointment, someone requests a refund, opts out of your subscriber list, ignores you on the various social media platforms … remind yourself not to take it personally. Focus on the people who love and support you.

The energy shift will magnetically draw more of the same into your life.

Your habit of self-acceptance, self-approval, self-appreciation, and not taking things personally is your Rejection Proof Formula™. This formula gives you the freedom to act despite the fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection be gone! I am taking action to achieve whatever I want.

Your turn!

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