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When you hear the word enlightenment, thoughts of eastern mysticism may enter your mind.  If you are a history buff, you may think of the “Age of Enlightenment” a movement that started in Europe in the 1800’s.  This  movement was built on the foundation of reason where the new thought leaders re examined and questioned old beliefs and values.

However, for our success team the word enlightenment, is referring to those AHA moments, those light bulb moments, that occurs when you accept education as a life long tool and you allow yourself to experience your experiences.

Through self awareness you have gained clarity for your purpose, your beliefs and who you are at your core and with confidence and courage you are creating the life of your dreams. You have the wisdom and the understanding that you must wake up and take action to make your dreams real.

When you are an enlightened mom entrepreneur, when your child demands your attention, you remain cool, calm and collected. Why? Because you are enlightened and you realize that millions of mothers have dealt with this and it will pass. When your energetic child, refuses to be still, you refuse to hop aboard the stress express. Why? As an enlightened woman you know that children abound with energy and it’s your responsibility to help your child to channel it productively. You will allow your child to be a child and enjoy the experience of this journey. Your friends and neighbors will marvel at your attitude. They will ask you how do you it and tell you that you are always seem so happy.

As an enlightened entrepreneur, you don’t focus on bad or good economy or whether the stock market is up or down. Why? Because you know that it is your birthright to have abundance and you claim that as your truth. There are people and resources available to you right NOW, for you to have the success you need. Mentors, coaches, businesses associates, suppliers etc. are all instruments of your SOURCE.  In your state of enlightenment – you realize that instruments come and instruments go but your SOURCE will remain constant.

Being an enlightened entrepreneur – your obstacles become landmarks that keeps you focused on your goals. Problems are not problems but opportunities for you to use your curiosity, imagination and creativity for new ideas for your business success.

As an enlightened woman you accept that your happiness is not your significant other responsibility. Knowing that your mate may not be a mind reader – you ask for what you want assertively not aggressively. For you he or she is the frosting on your cake of life – a complement – to a life that’s already rich.

If and when the relationship ends, you let go because you know that love does not mean ownership. You may stumble but you will not fall. You stand tall with the awareness that you are having an experience and that this too will pass. You move forward more laser focused on the vision for your successful life filled with an abundance of love, happiness, money and everything you desire.

So hop aboard your success train and live like there is no tomorrow – love like you’ve never being hurt and laugh like you need it to live.

Enlightenment in its simplistic form means that you have arrived at a place where you take responsibility for your life. You have a peaceful and harmonious connection with yourself and you radiate that to the world and the people you meet. You don’t worry about anything and you allow yourself the experience of being happy – no matter what.

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Thought Stimulator: Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment. Lao Tzu