"Money Pile $100 Dollar Bills" Chase your vision you just might reach it ~ Juwona A. Melvin

Do you believe it’s possible to make money while making a meaningful difference?

Juwon A. Melvin, entrepreneur, author, speaker, world traveler, and life enthusiast believes it’s possible and proves it with his Life Soap Company.

His company sells three certified organic soaps for a $20.00 monthly subscription and delivers them to his customers’ homes in the United States. Some of the company’s profits funds The Water Project in efforts to bring clean water to children in developing countries.

Juwon’s inspiration

While he was visiting Morocco, the children on the street inspired Juwon to be a change-maker. They ignited his desire to have a positive impact on the lives of children around the world.  In his Ted Talk, Juwon shares how in the pursuit  of his cause, he experienced financial challenges that  eventually lead him to change his business model from a Social Venture to a Venture Social. This made his dream a reality.

A Social Venture is an organization that exists to solve social challenges. A Venture Social is a sustainable, meaningful business that solves social challenges.

Juwon says that for your business to have a meaningful impact, you must first and foremost develop a sustainable venture.

If you can develop a company that truly meets the need of your customers,  if you can do that in a way that’s profitable not just in the short-term but in the long-term as well, then you can help others, for years to come, in a way that’s meaningful and sustainable.

Listen to Juwon speak in the video below, and be inspired to make a change for your favorite cause.

Should You Make Money or Make a Difference?: Juwon A. Melvin at TEDxCSU


Your Turn

What is your take away from this talk? Is there a cause you’d like to support?

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