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Do you know how to raise your vibration?

Your vibration is the energy you transmit and it’s also the energy you attract. You will attract the same type of energy you vibrate.  You may lie to yourself about how you feel – you may wear a mask to fool others – but your energy vibration speaks the truth.

Is your life a reflection of what you desire consciously? Do  you want a nurturing relationship but  attract the toxic ones?  Is you bank account low even though you put in the time and effort, to grow your business and make money?  These life experiences could be a reflection of someone whose vibration is low.

High Vibration

When your vibration is high, you attract the positive things you want and it feeds on itself and makes good situations better. People will say you’re lucky. You know that phrase money attracts money, it’s true, and it’s all because of the energy vibration.

A high vibration puts you in sync with the universal flow of positive energy and a magnate for what is good. You smile at the clerk and he/she tells you of an awesome deal, you run into someone you’ve been thinking about. Wow, you found money in your coat pocket that you had forgotten about.

Low Vibration

On the other hand, a low vibration attracts the things you don’t want and if one doesn’t pay attention, it will feed on itself and make bad situations worse.

When you have a low vibration, you move through your day, unhappy, unfocused, rushed, overwhelmed etc. At this vibration level, you’re a magnet for accidents and problems of one kind or another. You know what am talking about … you lose the car keys. You get frustrated. You find the keys. You stomp your toe … oh, the pain. Now, you’re really fuming. And it gets worse, you get to your car and you have a flat tire. STOP! Become aware, instead of  getting more angry, do something shift your energy and raise your vibration.

How to raise your vibration

If at your core you function at a high vibration and you become aware that you’re vibrating low – there are many things you can do to make a shift. I’m going to share 5 easy tips for you to do this..

I am sure they are all familiar to you. Use one or more to get back in sync.


Give yourself 5 slow, deep but gentle, cleansing breaths (breathe in from your stomach) hold for a second and silently say to yourself “I give myself permission to feel love and relax.” Slowly release your breath from your mouth and silently say to yourself – “I give myself permission to let go of any thing and anyone that’s not a positive in my life.” (repeat 5 times)

Immerse yourself in water

Take a lingering bath with aromatherapy, candles, music … I like Tchaikovsky, Alice Coltrane, yellow candles, vanilla and peppermint. Use tools to create your own personal experience. If you’re close to a beach, go for a swim.

Move Your body

Get up and dance – choose your style of dancing, it doesn’t matter as long as you move your body. I solo dance with my tambourine. Dancing allows you to move the energy inside of your body that is low. If you don’t want to do solo, grab a partner.

If you don’t want to dance, take a walk, exercise, tai chi or yoga will bring the same results.

Avoid the positive energy sucking vampires

Make a conscious decision not to associate with people who are negative (you know who they are). Don’t get into the habit of exchanging negative stories, as you try to out do each other with sorrowful tales. If it’s a family member … hmm, I am not going to touch that, it’s your decision.

Give Thanks

This is one of my fave – grab a pen and paper and write down all the things you’re thankful for. Just when you think your life IS IN THE DUMPS – you put pen to paper and you realize  – you’re thankful for your family, your pen, your paper, your fingers, your …  get the picture? Everything is energy, when you vibrate with the energy of being grateful, amazing things will happen to you.

There are many different things you can do to raise your vibration but one or more of these five tips will get you back in sync.

Do you radiate a low or high vibration?

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