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Most people assume that meditation is all about stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions, somehow controlling the mind. But actually it’s … about stepping back, seeing the thought clearly, witnessing it coming and going. ~ Andy Puddicombe

My youngest son is a regional manager for American Apparel. He’s always on the go. He has long days of retail. One day, after observing his busyness, I told him his mind needed a break. I suggested a few minutes of mindfulness each day.

Your mind is a powerful, valuable resource, but it’s often overworked and under appreciated.  We spend too much in the past reliving negative experiences, or fast forwarding to the future to what’s possible.

Both can be draining for different reasons.

Often times, we are so busy, we forget to appreciate and live our present moments.

It’s important to rest your mind

How many minutes per day do you spend doing nothing? Not eating, watching television, texting  and not even thinking.

Not thinking! How does one not think?

Not thinking means to allow your thoughts and emotions to flow freely in and out without editing, questioning or anything else. It’s an enlightening experience.  You’ll feel rejuvenated, replenished and inspired. It will ignite your creativity, and you’ll be on top of the world.

Our minds need a break from clutter, noise, multitasking and other distractions, on a daily basis. Mindfulness will help you to accomplish this. The benefit to you is priceless.

How to rest your mind

Mindfulness expert, Andy Puddicombe, describes the powerful transformation you’ll experience from doing NOTHING for 10 minutes each day. Here is a video from Ted.com where he shares this information.

Watch the video and share your thoughts.

I take several mindful breaks each day for shorter durations. I don’t have a specific time, just whenever I feel like it. It’s a habit that keeps me serene, regardless of what’s going on in my outer world.

 Your turn

What do you think? If you practice mindfulness, how many times each week and for what duration? How has being mindful impacted your daily life?

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