One of the tools I use to help my clients to achieve their goals and solve many of their problems is “dream therapy.” I help them to release and let go of their issues and find solutions  through their dreams.

Did you know that you can use your dreams to solve many of your problems? You simple ask your subconscious mind to  answer questions within your dreams?

Questions such as:

Should I marry a particular person?

Should I take this job?

What must I do to have a successful business?

Should I relocate?

What’s my passion?

Maybe you can’t make up your mind if you should purchase a coaching package or become involved with a joint venture.

It doesn’t matter the question, your higher self has the answer. You can ask for the answers to be given through your dreams.

Your Challenge is interpreting the dream. You can do this!

  1. You must believe in the process
  2. Have focused intention AND
  3. Take specific action steps

You can do this in 7 easy step.

The process is called DREAM INCUBATION

Even though you don’t have conscious awareness when you’re asleep – your subconscious mind is busy taking care of your needs, helping you to let go of unwanted baggage and sharing solutions to your life challenges, while you dream.

More often than not, these dreams are misinterpreted and do not have the positive impact on your life the way your higher self intended.

Add DREAM INCUBATION to your tool kit of life.

Follow the 7 easy steps and begin to use your dreams to answer unresolved questions, clarify issues and make decisions that are the right for YOU.


Tools: A pen and paper next to your bed

Step 1

Before going to sleep – set the intention in your mind that:

You’re going to ask your subconscious to answer your questions with your dream.

You’ll allow yourself to remember the dream.

You’re going to understand the dream.

You’ll give yourself permission to accept the answer.

Step 2

Before going to bed write down your question. Keep it simple and to the point. Let your subconscious mind know why the answer is important to you.

Here is an example: I would like to help more women achieve their goals, what can I do to connect with them?

Step 3

Close your eyes and imagine, visualize, or feel the people, places and situations involved. Free you mind. Be detached. Don’t judge. Let go of how you think it should be.

Step 4

Ask your subconscious mind your specific question and request that the answer be given through your dream.

Step 5

Go to bed immediately with this question on your mind … allow and trust the process.

Step 6

Write down your dream immediately when you awaken. Put all the details you can recall. One of the MOST important factors is how you FELT when you had the dream.

Step 7

Interpret your dream.

Use your feelings to guide you with your interpretation:

 If you felt sad in your dream – the answer may not make you happy.

If you felt confused, the answer may not be the one you want.

If you felt happy then it may be an answer that’s acceptable to you.

Please, bear in mind the answer may not be the answer you’re looking for. You have free will and can decide to accept the answer or not. My advice: accept the answer.

Recognize your symbols. For example: your question was “should I marry Billy?” Your dream had to do with dogs – for some this would be a happy situation and YES, you should marry Billy. However, if you’re afraid of dogs then the answer may be NO, don’t marry Billy.

 Additional Information:

Remember, you set the intention for the dream to be easily understood.

Trust the process and trust your interpretation. You will feel it intuitively, if you’re tailoring the interpretation to the answer you want.


You may have to try this several times before you have success for several reasons:  maybe you can’t remember the dream. Perhaps you were awakened unexpectedly. It could be that you’re resisting the answer, OR you’re not allowing the process.

You can use your dreams to help you to have confidence in the choices and decisions you make.

image : Danilo Rizzuti of Free DigitalPhoto

Do this for me, come back and share your experience from using these steps .

 To the confident “using your dreams to live the life of your dream” unstoppable you.

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