Infographic: How Do Colors Affect Purchases?

Colors affect your conscious and subconscious mind.  They stimulate emotions. The emotions stimulated colors depend on your culture and your own experiences.

However, studies have show that colors and certain color combinations have the same psychological effect on the majority of us.

In business colors affect purchasing decisions and they also influence brand loyalty.

Here’s an infographic, from KISSmetrics*, that shows the powerful influence colors have on purchasing behavior and brand loyalty.

Take some time to review the other resources at the bottom of the page. They may inspire you to update your marketing material.



Other resources

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*KISSmetrics is a powerful web analytics solution that helps you to increase customer acquisition and retention rates, make smarter business decisions, and boost your bottom line.  Read more at CrunchBase

Your turn

Do you believe in color psychology? Are you going to make any changes in your marketing material?

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