Asia Newton

“Our mission is to recognize the true potential in every child.” ~ Asia Newson

I was inspired by an ambitious, effervescent, young girl ( from a video posted on Facebook) who, at the tender age of 11, was living her dream of being an entrepreneur.  She was a featured guest on ABC 20/20.

Asia Newson (dubbed Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur) is the extraordinary, young entrepreneur.

The Cs of entrepreneurial success  drives her success:

Confidence –  She has confidence in herself and her business ideas.

Courage –  She has the courage to approach strangers (her dad stands close by) to talk about her company”Super Business Girl,” and her products, a line of homemade candles.  And without hesitation she asks for what she wants.

Clarity – She’s absolutely clear on her vision for her company. And she’s taking the right action to achieve her vision.

Charisma – Her charismatic personality and her entrepreneurial spirit has drawn some high level mentors into her inner circle.

Eric Lofholm, Master Sales Trainer, would be proud of this young entrepreneur’s stellar sales pitch, she asks for the sale.

An important lesson from Asia Newson.

Asia Newson reminds us that the old cliché “age is nothing but a number” is true. You’re never too old or young to live your dream.

Watch her story below and be inspired to stop making excuses and live your potential.

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