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Have you read The Science of Getting Rich  by Wallace D Wattles?

I must have been under the proverbial rock, even though this book was written in 1910, I only heard about it a couple of years ago. I ignored it until the audio version landed on my hard drive.

I decided to listen to the audio and it re-affirmed my belief that one shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to be rich. After all, in this physical world, money is important for everyday living, desires, needs and wants. When you have it you can share it and help others to achieve their wildest dreams.

Unfortunately, limiting beliefs about money stop the flow of abundance for many.

Wattles is firm in his belief that every human being can be rich. Not only that, because of the many benefits of having an abundance of money, he teaches that we should all take steps to become rich.

In his classical book, he shares why having money is important not only for our physical well-being but for our mind and soul as well. He doesn’t believe we should take care of the soul and ignore the mind and body or vice versa.

I agree with him 100%. Do you?

Being rich is your birthright

The Science of Getting RichWattles doesn’t apologize for his belief that being rich is important for living a fulfilling life. Through his studies and research he determined that there’s a scientific formula to getting rich. In his writing, he inferred that being rich is your birthright but to claim these riches you had to follow this scientific formula.

Each chapter feeds on the other as he paints the picture of why we should all be rich. He guides the reader from chapter to chapter how to use this scientific formula.

The scientific formula is simple

Maybe, it’s the simplicity that throws people off. Just imagine the possibilities, if he’s correct.  Nations who were once poor could become rich. But, wait, what of all the politics and manipulations behind the scenes that keep the people of some countries poor?

Wattles has the answer for that too. No matter your circumstances, if one lived by the principles, riches will come. Wattles’s scientific formula is not new to me.  As a single divorced mom with the financial responsibility of four children, intuitively, I applied these principles and miracles happened. However, I had some deep-rooted limiting beliefs about money that kept me from breaking through MY money glass ceiling.

Often times, our limiting beliefs keep us at a certain income level. I’ve seen it with those making a million dollars or more and those making much less.

If the scientific formula is so simple why does financial abundance elude so many? By default, some live by the principles of this formula and others fail miserable even with this formula. On closer examination of those who failed, you will find that one or more of the principles were not applied. People from all walks of life are having tremendous results using this formula, as shown by their postings  here.

Highlights of the Science of Getting Rich

The “Thinking Stuff,” as Wattles calls it, makes getting rich a reality

There’s a “Thinking Stuff” from which all things are made and when in its original state permeates, penetrates and fills the inter spaces of the universe.

The “Thinking Stuff” from my interpretation is the energy that makes it possible for you to be rich. Some may call this “Thinking Stuff” the Universal mind, others God, or something else.

Thoughts are powerful

Your thoughts produce images that you can impress on this Formless Intelligence (another name for the Thinking Stuff). This can cause the thing you’re thinking about to be created. But, your thoughts must be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence for your images to be accepted. To be in harmony your thoughts must come from a creative not a competitive mind. The Formless Intelligence is always creative and never competitive.

Gratitude is a MUST for this formula to work.

A grateful mind is another key component that harmonizes your thoughts with the Formless Intelligence. Your deep and continuous gratitude creates a continuous connection with the Formless. This mindset makes it easy for what you’re thinking to take physical form.

Clarity and unwavering belief

The images you impress on the Formless should be clear and well-defined. And you must have the unwavering belief – a knowing – that you’ll be rich.

Don’t wait for it to be perfect

Wattle teaches that whatever skills, talents, or knowledge you have at this moment is enough to make you rich (another reason to let go of the shiny object syndrome).  A  job, business, or other situation, you’re not happy with can also be the vehicle to your riches.

Be grateful for the situation you’re not happy with. A grateful mind is a magnet for all you desire.

Over deliver on your products and services

Wattles suggest that you should give more than the dollar value to those you serve. To this I say, yes, yes!

Take consistent and persistent action

It’s not enough to think your thoughts. Each day you should give your 100% to some activity to achieve your riches. The time you spend doing mindless work is better spent pondering your vision and giving thanks, even though it has not yet materialized.


Wattles states “if you practice the above principles you’re certain to become rich. And the riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith and the depth of your gratitude.”

It’s a wrap  

Even though, The Science of Getting Rich is a simple formula, many find it difficult to have unwavering faith and a grateful mind. If you haven’t read this timeless classic, I urge you to read it or listen to the mp3 recording found here

Since 1999, Rebecca Fine has a built a vibrant community, SOGR Network, dedicated to studying this book and following the formula to change their financial lives.

Just think of all that’s possible in your life from following this simple formula. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose.

Your turn

How do you feel about money? Are you comfortable expressing your desire to be rich?

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