Colorstrology for DecemberI was invited to a group,  Female Entrepreneur Association,  on Facebook. On one of my visits to their blog I found an article that had to do with “Colorstrology.”

It arrested my attention. I believe in the psychology of color and it’s one of the tools I use to help my clients achieve their goals.

What is Colorstrology?

Colorstrology is a system that uses your birth month and date to determine your unique color and your personality traits represented by the color.

I went over to Colorstrology, entered my birth month and date: December 28, and another post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge was born. You can see my personal birth day and birth month colors and profile information on the two infographics in this post.

Of course, I had to do one for each of my  four children and my granddaughter. Colorstrology for DecemberI had a few “that’s him and that’s her” moments.

Be curious

Curiosity is a trait of successful entrepreneurs, and so is keeping an open mind. Colorstrology may not have any scientific merit, but colors have energy, they vibrate at  different frequencies, and each color affects our moods in a different way.

Colors can inspire and motivate, they can help you to feel confident, vibrant and  successful, but the opposite is also true.

If you’re a coach, have some fun with this tool, I’m sure you’ll get “that’s me” from some of your clients.

My “that’s me” moments

Yes, Blue is my favorite color but it changed to Red15 years ago and returned to Blue 5 years later. Purple/Lavender is also one of my favorite colors. I’m quick, self-assured, confident, inspirational and so much more. But the one that stood out above the rest that made me say “that’s me”  is (drum roll please) I try to do everything my self.

Your Turn

Since this is “Just for Fun Friday”stop by and get your own Colorstrology and let me know (in the comment section) what traits made you say “that’s me.”

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