Little Known Facts About Martin Luther King, JrI still have a dream today that one day war will come to an end, that men will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, that nations will no longer rise up against nations, neither will they study war any more. Martin Luther King, The Trumpet of Conscience, 1968

This post was first published on Monday,  January 17, 2011, to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday. The information is timeless. Enjoy!

What can I say about Martin Luther King, Jr that has not been said before? We know that he was confident and courageous. He is one of history’s extraordinary orators and powerful leaders.

His enduring words, timeless teachings, and his non-violent approach for social changes, will continue to influence me and the world, forever.

Little known facts about Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr

I compiled a list of little know facts about Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr to share with you. Let me know (in the comment section) the facts you are aware of,and the ones you find questionable.

1.In 1934, five years after his birth, his family discovered Martin’s name had been recorded wrong on his birth certificate. The certificate said Michael King, so his name had to be legally changed to Martin Luther King Jr.

2. In 1939, Martin sang with his church choir in Atlanta at the gala première of the movie Gone With The Wind.

3. He did not formally graduate from high school.

4. He started at Morehouse College at the age of 15.

5. At age 24, he married Coretta Scott on his parents’ lawn.

6. He became a pastor at age 25.

7. He had Bachelor degrees in sociology and theology.

8. According to the history of the website,  Martin Luther King Jr. was initiated into the Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. as the number 5 of his line in Spring of ‘52.

8. He received his PH. D. from Boston University in 1955.

9. From 1957 until his death in 1968, he traveled more than 6 million miles.

10. He gave over 2500 speeches during his travels.

11. He also wrote 5 books and had published countless numbers of articles in newspapers and magazines.

12. One the March to Washington in 1963 … he demanded that the federal government establish a minimum wage of $2 for all workers.

13. In 1964, at age 35, he was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

14. In 1964, King became the first black American to be honored as Time magazine’s Man of the Year.

15. On the day he was assassinated, he was in Memphis to help and support black sanitation workers who were on strike.

16. According to a Gallup poll, King is the second most admired person in the 20th century.

17. In a contest sponsored by the Discovery Channel, he was voted the 3rd Greatest American of all time.

18. Presently there are 730+ U.S. cities that have streets named after King.

19. King is 1 of 10 20th century world martyrs who has a statue at Westminster Abbey.

20. King’s nonviolent doctrine was strongly influenced by the teachings of Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi.

21. King’s efforts were not limited to securing civil rights; he also spoke out against poverty and the Vietnam War.

22. He predicted he would die before age 40 and he was killed at age 39.

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It’s a wrap

Martin Luther King didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the talk. Based on his idea of success, his life was successful. He had a dream ( to serve others and bring about social change), he surrounded himself with like-minded people, and took massive action to make this dream a reality.

Today and always, I give thanks for the sacrifices he made.

Your turn

What do you think of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr?  Has he influenced your life in any way?

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