Love in any language makes the heart sing ~ Adalia

Love is important for a successful life. Without love, does anything else matter?

It’s import to love yourself first, if you don’t loving anyone else will be challenging. When you love yourself, you’ll exude confidence and be a magnet for healthy relationships. Do you put more emphasis on romantic love than other loving relationships? I’ve met many women who prioritize romantic love to the exclusion of other love … even loving herself.

Romantic love is important but for a healthy mind, body and spirit, giving and receiving love from family, friends and others is just as important.

Here are 25 love affirmations for your inspiration

I’m comfortable giving and receiving love.

I use loving thoughts to heal my soul.

My loving thoughts connect me to my source.

I need you because I love you.

I love myself unconditionally now.

Loving me makes it easy to love you.

My love does not choke it nurtures

I don’t own you because you love me.

I don’t own you because I love you.

I validate myself with self love.

I consistently send love into the universe.

I make it a priority to be loving and kind.

I attract loving relationships.

I allow myself to be vulnerable in love.

I value my platonic relationships.

I love my body.

Love makes my heart sing.

I allow myself to be comfortable saying “I love you.”

I don’t bargain with love or for love.

My romantic relationship is important but not to the exclusion of others.

I’m mindful of how I share love.

I love you because you’re YOU.

I’m loved because I’m loveable.

I’m not afraid of intimacy.

I don’t focus on you loving me forever; I focus on you loving me NOW.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

To the confident unstoppable you!

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