Make money online with your brilliance.

In my previous post 3 simple steps to start your online business, I suggested that  you should explore building an online  business around your BRILLIANCE .

Do you know your brilliance?

Your brilliance is

Your natural ability

What you’re good at

Your strength

Something you’ve been doing all of your life

Some of us do not have clarity about our brilliance

There are several reasons why you may not identify your brilliance:

At an early age, your parents, teachers, or people of influence did not allow you to shine with your brilliance.

If you’ve been working for someone else, your boss may insist on you honing your weaknesses instead of your strengths.

You may have chosen a career or business model solely for the purpose of making money.


Because your brilliance is such a natural part of your everyday life,  you’re not seeing it as a valuable asset that  can be used to build a business and make money.

Discovering your brilliance:

Write down your answers to the following questions: you will see clearly what you’re good at, what comes naturally to you – YOUR BRILLIANCE.

If you can remember – what did you enjoy doing before you were a teenager?

What did you enjoy doing when you were a teenager?

What did you enjoy doing as a young adult?

What did you enjoy doing as an adult?

What do you enjoy doing today?

Do you see a pattern yet?

what are you naturally good at?

what advice or service your family, friends, and others seek from you?

What do others do that you KNOW you can do just as well or better?

What fires you up?

What do other people say you’re good at?

Ask 3 to 5 people who have know you for a while “what do I do well?”

You may have several things that you do well. These questions should help you uncover them. Build your online business around your brilliance and you’ll be fired up to make money.

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