Hello entrepreneurs, if you have all the clients you want and need, you may not get any value from this post. However, you’ll make me smile if you share it with someone who needs to get some clients fast.

I’m going to share 7 marketing tips that has helped me to get new clients.

1.  Believe it will happen

YEP! Your dreams are fueled by your mindset. If you don’t believe, you will hinder your progress to achieve with self-doubt, which leads to self-sabotage and everything else that keeps you from achieving what you want.

How many clients do you want in the next 8 weeks?

Now that you have the number – find a quiet place  – close your eyes and focus on your breathing and visualize, imagine, picture, feel and even taste having the number of clients you desire. When you find yourself doubting, do not deny the negative thought, instead, bring your thoughts back to your breathing and repeat to yourself “I am thankful for my  (put your desired number here) new clients.”

Practice getting to a relaxed state quickly and easily by reading my post Quick Relaxation Technique.

What you focus on expands. Focus on how many clients you want daily. Have a plan to get those clients and take action to get them.

2. Step away from the computer

Yes, do some off line networking and share what you do with your community, your neighbors and the people you meet in your day to day activities.

Be BOLD: when you’re standing in a line, strike up a conversation, do not ask the person you are speaking to if he/she wants to be your client or use your product/service – instead, ask if he/she knows anyone who can BENEFIT from your service. This approach makes the person you are speaking to relax and more receptive to your conversation.

Be friendly, sharing and caring not salesy and annoying.

Find more networking techniques here 12 ways to network and connect.

3. Get in touch with old clients

Hopefully this will not be the first time you are going to contact your old clients. You should keep in touch with your clients for birthdays, holidays and for your special offers.  Offer your old client something new, the new improved version of the old or a two for one special. Make it enticing, tap into your creative mind and come up with something.

4. Get out those old business cards

Call those business owners/entrepreneurs you met some time ago. Re-introduce yourself, be curious about what they do and find out if you can help them in any way. BE A FRIEND. Tell them about what you do, stick to one product/service. When you give people too many options, they do not make a decision. After they become your client you can introduce other products/services.

Spend 3-4 hours per day making those calls. If someone doesn’t become your client, stay connected, they may become a client later or send you referrals.

It works!

I have called on business owners and entrepreneurs, I met, under different circumstances, many years ago and some were amazed that I kept their information, that in it self gave me credibility. We re-connected. We chit chatted and eventually, I told them about my service and yes, a few became my client and/or referred others to me.

5. Start a new hobby – collect business cards and fliers

I’ve never met a business card or flier I didn’t like. Start looking at your junk mail from local businesses as a gold mine for clients/customers. Build relationships with those who can  benefit from your product or service.

I am serious

Not only that but I go into different stores and collect the cards and fliers that are left by other business owners. They are looking for new business and so am I.

Those cards left on my wind shield or carelessly dropped on the ground, I pick them up, bring them home and organize them. When I am in need of clients, I call my potential clients 3-4 hours per day. AND it works. Only call the businesses that can use your service.

Here’s my conversation calling a total stranger:

Hello, good afternoon, how are you? My name is Adalia and I live here in Tarzana and I help small business owners/entrepreneurs get more clients/customers, may I speak to the manager?

I ask for the manager not the owner because it makes the manager feel respected and he/she will be more likely pass you on to the owner, or tell you when to call back. Don’t be robotic, engage the person on the other end of the phone.

Do not overlook the free newspapers that are delivered to your mailbox, or those free magazines at your library, and other locations in your area.

6. Follow up

Follow up! Follow! It is so important I had to say it twice. Follow up in a timely manner with the people who didn’t become your client, those who wanted more information, and those you want to build some type of ongoing relationship.

7. Have an offline workshop

Invite the people from your community, church, local businesses, friends, friends of friends or anyone who’s your ideal client, to a live workshop.

Share valuable information that can help them personally or professionally.


Let them know how you can help them even more and make a special limited one time offers.

Where should you have your workshop?

  • your home
  • someone else’s home
  • a friend’s office
  • your church
  • community center
  • ask your creative mind

Be sure to offer a light snack and something to drink. (keep it simple)

What issue should you address at your workshop?

It depends on your product or service. Your tips and strategies should be connected to what they’ll pay you for.

Remember, the money is in the follow up.

It’s a wrap

Until you build  your passive income empire, have  enough referrals to sustain your business,  or create a life style where this type of marketing becomes passe  – believe in your possibilities, take massive action for your marketing and allow yourself to achieve your results.

You will get new clients, guaranteed.  OOPS! I am not allowed to  say that .

Your turn

Which one of these tips resonate with you? Please let me know if you were able to get any new clients.


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