What is networking  Or more specifically Business networking?

Business Networking has to do with building relationships:  getting to know others  not just to sell them your product or service but to build relationships. When you build honest relationships if someone doesn’t  become your client or joint venture partner, he/she will trust you enough to give you referrals and introduce to other important people.

You should network online as well as offline. I made the mistake of completely ignoring my offline networking. It wasn’t a good strategy for my business.

Don’t make my mistake, make new ones.

Today I am sharing 12 ways to network and connect with others that will help you to grow your business.

1. Mastermind Group

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, did not create the concept of the Master Mind Group but his book made it popular. A master mind group consists of supportive individuals, who meet on a regular basis to share ideas, and keep each other accountable for achieving goals.

I found step by step instructions for creating your own master mind group at Virtual Assist.

2.  Start a Networking Group

You can start your own networking group. Most networking  groups meet monthly. You can get others to assist you with the planning and implementation.  Meetup.com is a popular platform for organizing networking events called “Meetups.” They’re easy to organize and affordable for those who are just starting a business.

Here is some valuable information from Mashable on how to organize a successful Meetup.

3.  Volunteer

Share your time with an organization that can benefit from your talent. Build a win-win relationship by choosing an organization that will expose you to those who will benefit from your product or service.

4.  E-mail Newsletter

A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter is an excellent way to connect and build a relationship of credibility and trust with your target audience. Be consistent with your mailings and always share valuable information with your audience. If your articles are engaging and useful, they’ll read them and look forward to each edition.

Research has shown that 80% of your content should be devoted to valuable and useful information and 20% offering your products and/or services.

Subscribe to several newsletters to get ideas for your formatting.

Here are a few e-mail marketing companies. Constant Contact was the first email marketing company I used. Today I  use Aweber.


Constant Contact

Mail Chimp

Wiki How shares some tips on how to write a good newsletter.

5.  Connect with your online contacts offline

If you have a following online invite a few of them to meet you offline. It could be a one on one meeting but to leverage your time invite several of your online contacts to a get-together.

6.  Connect with your offline contacts online

Invite your offline contacts to connect with you on your blog or other social media platforms. It’s hard to believe but they’re people out there who are not on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

I’ve been using the computer since the early 1990s, but I only used it for the occasional e-mail and to pay my bills. Blogging, social media, and all the internet has to offer became a part of my life in 2009.

7.  Business Cards

Make it a habit to have 5 or more business cards with you at all times. Give them to the people you meet off line at the grocery store, dentist, cleaners,  PTA etcetera. There are three types of people you’ll be giving your cards to: those you want to become your client or joint venture partner and those you would like to be your friend.

Be prepared to give your 10-60 second elevator speech.

Elevator speech outline from Pepperdine

Print Runner shares what business card information you should put on your card.

8.  Blogging

There is so much to study, learn, digest and implement when it comes to blogging. Some hard core bloggers post everyday but you don’t have to do that. You should post 2-3 times per week or at least once per week. Dedicate some time each week to read and comment on other blogs. Visit the popular blogs in your niche and devour their content.

Don’t get sucked into the information black hole. Your business and personal life will suffer.

Blogs you should follow:

Confidence is an Inside Job

Colette Morris

Michelle Shaeffer

Mavis Nong



9. Be a Master connecter

To connect with others become a connector yourself. My friend Bob Barron is a master connector (he connects people on a regular basis).

This is the age of collaboration not competition. Create a new habit of connecting at least two people each week. It will have a rippling effect that will benefit you in the long run.

10. Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for connecting but there are specific things you should and shouldn’t do.   Neil Patel shares 100 ways to become a Twitter Power User

11.  Facebook

Facebook has over 540 million users somewhere in this crowd is a group of people who would like to network with you. Boris Epstein from Mashable shares Facebook networking strategies.

12.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing. Guy Kawasaki shares 10 ways to get the most out of your LinkedIn connections.

It’s a wrap

I hope you get value from these networking tips. You’ll achieve more in less time if you focus on one but not more than three networking strategies at a time. Don’t move on to other platforms until you’re happy with your results.

Your turn

What is your favorite networking platform?

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