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The number one reason you aren’t achieving your entrepreneurial dream is self-doubt.

Self-doubt steals your joy and kills your entrepreneurial dreams.

You must believe in you to succeed in every area of life. This may sound overly dramatic but when you don’t believe in yourself you’ve given up on you. Your daily activities are focused on existing not living.

Self-doubt kills dreams. A life without dreams isn’t worth living.

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
― Langston Hughes

When you don’t believe you have what it takes to achieve success, you may take half-hearted action or no action at all. You’ll make excuses and tell stories to justify why you’re stuck.

Why you should believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself most people won’t believe in you. They’ll have no desire to buy your products or services. They’ll sense your insecurities and refuse to partner with you.

Later in life you’ll have regrets. You’ll regret all the missed opportunities, failed relationships, dreams you gave up because you didn’t believe in yourself.

Josh Barkey, an author who blogs at, wrote a captivating article sharing why he believes “a life without regret is hardly worth living.” I understand his point of view.

However, if you want to change your life, if you have dreams and aspirations, and self-doubt is the only thing keeping you from moving forward, with passing time, you’ll earn the right to be regretful.  Your mantra then becomes “a life with regret is hardly worth living.”

You are the sculpture of your life. You’ve been given all you need to shape it.  I know there’s at least one person who believes in you but nothing happens if you don’t believe in you. He/she is ready to cheer you on, stop focusing on the non-supporters; this includes your self-doubting self.  You’ll inspire others with your success.

You’ve arrived at the fork in the road; choose wisely – the land of regret or the land of satisfaction.

How to start believing in yourself

1. Build your confidence

Self-doubt is aligned with lack of confidence. Take specific steps to build your confidence.  My free 21 days of confidence boosting tips is a good place to start.

2. Remove your labels

Are you walking around thinking you’re one thing or another because of what someone said to you?  Have you accepted your negative self-talk as truth? Remove all labels now – those you’ve claimed from others and those created by you – that don’t empower or enrich your life.

Close your eyes and mentally peel them off and shred or burn them.

3. Celebrate your strengths

Focus on your strengths and celebrate them.  Furthermore, reflect on the things you’ve accomplished that made you proud – don’t overlook those you’ve labeled “no big deal.”  Such as graduating from high school/college or being a parent.  Own them! Celebrate them! They’re yours – big and small. Write them down. These memories are your anchors – make it a habit to reflect on them to boost your confidence and belief in yourself.

You can use tangible and intangible objects as anchors – jewelry, a motivational quote, a prayer, a chant, a smell, a song, a picture etc. – to remind you of a time you felt strong and confident.

Don’t fall into this trap – as so many do – spending your valuable time honing your weaknesses.

4. Stop comparing

Stop comparing yourself to others right now. I had to slay this dragon. I was spending too much time comparing myself to others – my writing style, blog, and just about everything that has to do with online marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, comparing can help you to grow and achieve goals but most of us compare to put ourselves down and to confirm that we aren’t good enough. Read, listen, and learn and add your unique touch.

Stop the unhealthy comparing. Revisit #3 and slay this dragon today.

5. Awareness is key

Practice awareness. Become aware of your thoughts and the feelings accompanying them. When you don’t believe in yourself the tendency is to let your imagination dwell on all that could go wrong. Why start your business when your desires are fueled by what could go wrong? Why commit to a relationship when you’ve already imagined it ending.

There’s no right or wrong feelings. What’s important is how you react to them. How you allow them to affect your life. Practice! Practice! Practice focusing on your desired outcome. Take decisive action in spite of self-doubt. In time you will strengthen your resolve to believe in yourself.

Give yourself permission to fail

Failure is an option. My daughter is a brilliant, self-doubting  musician. One night she was doing back-up for a band and she called me in panic mode just before their performance. She wasn’t going to go on. I guided her through a relaxation exercise and encouraged her to “give herself permission to fail.”  She performed and had a blast. She later told me “giving herself permission to fail” was the key.

Don’t run from your fears, they’ll outrun you every time. Face you fears. Look them in the eyes and stand your ground. When it comes to the fear of failure do what my daughter did – give yourself permission to fail. It will set you free. Read more about the fear of failure and other fears here

It’s a wrap

When you have the desire to be an entrepreneur nothing else will satisfy you. Confident entrepreneurs welcome challenges because they’re doing what they love.  If self-doubt is keeping you from achieving your entrepreneurial dream, know that self-belief can be learned.

If you peel back the layers of self-doubt you may discover that your self-doubt is linked to one or more fears. Fear of being judged, fear of  humiliation, fear of disappointing someone, fear of rejection and/or the fear of success. Read more about these fears and how to overcome them at

Your turn

Has self-doubt prevented you from doing something that was important?

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