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This is post #3  using the top 5 reasons people join the Ultimate Blog Challenge as topics for my post. The previous two are:

Be a great leader: set an example for your clients

Easy Step to Create A New Habit

Reason #3 – Read other people’s posts – I’m going to take the liberty and re-name that:

Pay it forward: Comment On Other Blogger’s Posts

It would take a life time+ to visit all the content rich blogs in blogosphere. My goal, for the Ultimate Blog Challenge,  is to read and comment on one blog everyday.

Here are 10 of the blogs I visited and commented on, in no particular order.  ( there are a few that I’ve visited and commented on that may not be on the list. It’s not intentional, I just can’t remember them all)


Sew Saturday







#4 reasonable














All the bloggers in the challenge have a unique gift that can help others to grow themselves or grow their business.

Here’s to the confident “paying it forward” you!

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Your Turn

What blogs have you commented on? My Shameless request

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