Is listening becoming a lost art?

Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking. ~Bernard Baruch

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Practice the Art of listening was going to be one of the 10 commandments for your success. I couldn’t use it because I discovered I had 11 commandments instead of 10.  I had so much fun with that post I could have done 20.

In today’s world more emphasis is placed on what we see than on what we hear.  Our sense of seeing is bombarded each day by thousands of message units.

We are so busy multitasking; we have lost the art of listening. Plant the intention in your mind that you’re going to practice the art of listening.

Give your undivided attention to the person speaking to you.  Family members, clients, friends and even those you meet casually.

Don’t assume you know what someone is going to say. Don’t finish their sentences. Don’t allow your mind to drift. Do allow yourself to be in the moment when someone is speaking to you.  It’s about him/her not about you. You will be amazed at what you’ll not only hear but feel, see and taste. They’ll feel appreciated. They’ll think you’re an “intuitive” because you got so much from the conversation. They’ll say things like “how did you know that.”

 Practice the art of listening to you

No, not the “why did I do such a stupid thing” conversation. The same undivided attention you give to others, you should take time to give to

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yourself. Take time each day to listen to you.  Find a quiet setting where you can be alone without the distraction. Close your eyes and connect to you.

What is your body saying to you? What are your emotions and feelings saying to you? Ask yourself specific questions. Don’t judge. Don’t filter. Listen to the answer. Accept the answer.


Your turn

What do you think makes someone a good listener?

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