Are You struggling to finish your blog challenge? Here’s a quick tip that may explain WHY. Your emotions rule not what you’re saying.

When the mind and the body meet – they greet each other with emotions. The greeting is either one of comfort or discomfort.

Your emotions rule

The subconscious is home to your emotions and it does not know the difference between what is real and what is not.

Have you ever been to a movie and cried, laughed, become terrified – even though you knew logically that it was just a movie? It’s that mind and body connection and the subconscious mind releases the emotion based on your reality. The movie makes you feel sad … the subconscious mind doesn’t say “heh it’s just a movie, don’t feel sad.” Your subconscious mind responds to your emotions, not logic, reason, truths or untruths.

Now this works powerfully in your favor when you want to accomplish a goal – connect mentally to your goal with strong positive emotion – the stronger the emotion – the more quickly the goal will be realized.

Remember two opposing emotions cannot exist at the same time. For Example – your friend asks you to help her move, you don’t want to help, wanting to be a good friend, you agree. Your secret desire not to help your friend is the stronger emotion and the only one accepted your subconscious mind. The day of her move you awaken with a temperature. hmm.

If you’re resisting completing the blog challenge (or anything else in your life), your subconscious mind is responding to your dominant emotion.

Your Turn

Did you get any value from this quick tip?

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