After reading an article James E Rouse, ND of optimum wellness, I had a shift in my thinking regarding resolutions.  He suggested that we should focus on what we want more of,  instead of what we want to “fix.” We should Resolve to Evolve.

What a concept!

My friend, Annie,  has been living  in her new town home for approximately 3 months and was always complaining about what she did not like.  Her favorite complaint – her town home was like a cage, there was nothing to look at except her neighbors’ front doors.

I visited Annie a few days ago and she showed me her beautiful home.

The last stop on the tour was her bedroom. The curtains were drawn – I drew the curtains back and I was amazed to see the most beautiful moon light sky.

I called Annie and showed her the night sky and she stood there in amazement – granted, she had not lived very long in the town home and most nights she came home very late but Annie did what so many of us do – we become so transfixed what we don’t want, we overlook opportunities to get what we do want.

What do you want more of in your life? For 2010 focus on what you want … not what you want to fix.

  • Instead of losing weight, focus on being healthy and strong.
  • Give more value to your customers/clients and more money will come.
  • Love your self, give love, and love will come to you.

Shift your thinking and make a list of the things you want more of, not the things you want to fix.

Celebrate your life, welcome 2010, and resolve to evolve!!!

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Thought Stimulator: Before you can like and love another, you must like and love yourself. ~ Eileen Lebowitz

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