Starting an online business can be challenging, to say the least. But, if you have specific action steps,  you will increase the odds of being successful.

Here are  3 simple steps to get you started.

These are the steps I wish I had followed.

I’ve been building my online business since 2009. My first blog post, Mind over Matter, was posted in June of 2009. It was about achieving my goal for completing the 2009 Los Angeles Marathon. My intention was to use my coaching, mentoring, and hypnotherapy skills to help women with confidence to grow themselves and grow their business.

I’m not as clueless about internet marketing as I was 2 years ago. I am a work in progress, learning and implementing.

The internet is ever evolving: products, resources, systems, platforms, and strategies that work today may not work after months instead of years. I’m not an expert at Internet Marketing but I can share valuable information that I’ve learned from my attempts to figure it out.

Here are my 3 simple steps to help you start your online business.

1.  Have a clearly defined online business strategy

Are you going to be

  • affiliate
  • blogger
  • coach
  • consultant
  • internet marketer
  • mentor
  • network marketer

You can change direction,  add new products or services , however,  it’s important, at the onset, to know what you’re going to do. Otherwise, you will become overwhelmed, confused, manipulated, and lost, on the vast and never ending information highway.

Do your research before deciding on your business model. AND ask yourself questions like these:

  • what are my strengths?
  • what is my passion and purpose?
  • what is my brilliance?
  • what services or products do I want to share?
  • who are the people I want to serve

Don’t treat this lightly. Align your on line business with what you want your legacy to be.

2.  Find a mentor or a coach to guide you

Do your research or get a referral from a trusted source. Be coachable and get out of your own way. If you cannot factor the coaching fees into your budget, the reason WHY is nobody’s business. However, if your issue has to do with your limiting beliefs about money, then you should take the time to eliminate them.

Step 3 requires no money but you have to be motivated and laser focused.

3.  Find 2 or 3 people who are successful online and model them

Choose wisely, find credible people who are in alignment with your core values. Subscribe to their blogs and newsletters. Follow them on the various Social Media platforms. Sign up for G mail account, specifically for their news letters, blog posts, and other information.  Take time to study and model what they’re doing without losing your own identity.

I cannot emphasize this enough: RESIST the temptation to follow dozens of people and opt in for hundred of different FREE products.

DON’T DO IT. You’re going to lose your focus and become addicted to information over load.

You’re not going to listen but I’ve warned you.


Establishing your business on the internet is a long and winding road. These 3 easy steps are but a grain of sand on the vast shoreline of internet marketing but they will keep you from being distracted hundreds of new shiny objects.

I will be adding more steps in another blog post. Please visit often and share your thoughts.

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To the unstoppable confident you,