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I’m an inspirational quotes junkie

Several of my favorite quotes about confidence, courage and strength are from Eleanor Roosevelt. I knew that she was a famous First Lady but I wasn’t aware of her other accomplishments until I did some research.

I can understand why, even today, Eleanor Roosevelt has such a powerful influence.

She didn’t just exist; she lived!

She supported human rights and was part of the committee that drafted and supported the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Eleanor’s mindset didn’t allow her to support the Equals Right Amendment – she thought it would cause more harm than good. However, she was diligent in her efforts to improve the status of working women.

She was more than just a first lady.

She was an international author, speaker, and activist who was fired-up for global change. Eleanor didn’t wait for things to happen, she made them happen.

She co-founded the Freedom House – a non-government agency that investigates and supports democracy, political freedom and human rights all over the world.

And she supported the formation of the United Nations. She didn’t just support with her words, she actively formed an organization – the UN Association of the United States – to help make the dream of such an association a reality.

The next time you read one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quotes, remember she was more than a first lady –

She was a powerful force for the good of people all over the world.

An example for those who wish to achieve greatness.

Had causes that were bigger than her.

Didn’t try to impress anyone.

Didn’t care what people thought of her.

She was a compassionate woman who had the confidence to champion her causes.

Her intelligence, drive, charisma, and courage made her a force to be reckoned with.

Eleanor Roosevelt was an extraordinary woman.

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