I want to share 10 success affirmations with you. For over a year I’ve been creating affirmations for my newsletter and yesterday I had an AHA moment to use my affirmations as another blog post. This AHA moment confirms one of my favorite mantras “what you need or want is right under your nose, you just need to have awareness.”

Here is a brief explanation of affirmations, just in case you don’t know what they are.

Affirmations are positive self-talk. They should be short and to the point. From my experience you will have more compelling results if you write them down and/or speak them out loud.

When you affirm, you’re confirming to your subconscious mind that this is your vision, this is your goal, this is the reality you want to claim and own. Through repetition, your subconscious mind accepts what you desire  as your truth AND

Voilà you achieve your results but there’s a caveat: affirmations are powerful but they’re not magical.  Sitting on your couch and affirming getting a job, having a successful business or anything else is not going to make it happen.

You must believe and take action for your affirmations to work.

Here are 10 success affirmations to confirm your success.

I allow myself to be a success magnate.

I’m not LUCKY; I am prepared to accept opportunities that are sent to me.

My clients enjoy paying me for my service/products.

I give more than expected to my clients/customers.

I have synergistic experiences on a regular basis.

I allow myself to be aware of the endless opportunities that are right under my nose.

I affirm to confirm the abundance I want and have in my life.

I’m usually in the right place at the right time.

More often than not, I have it my way. Being thankful keeps it that way.

My attitude attracts endless opportunities.

My success is tied to the law of reciprocity.

For your inspiration!!

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