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Success and failure are on the same team ~ Adalia

Entrepreneur, don’t be afraid of failure.  Failure is the train that takes you to your success destination. Read what 113 Entrepreneurs, at The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, had to say about failure and success.  Bookmark the page, they’ll inspire you to have a positive point of view when something in your business doesn’t go as planned. And motivate you to learn from the experience, rethink, and implement a new strategy.

Check them out at the link below and add your own tip in the comment section.

Alert ~  When you click on the link below it will take you to a different article about failure Mike Michalowicz. It’s a great article. I’ve learned a valuable lesson – when you link to other people’s content, as time goes , the content could disappear, or be replaced with something else.

Check out Mike’s new article  and the other resources below about failure and success.

Other Resources:


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Your turn

How have you used failure to strengthen your determination to succeed?

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