Take responsibility for your life

When I was a young girl, these were the words my mother said to me, whenever I made excuses for just about anything in my life. My mom did not believe in excuses. She believed that I was responsible for what happened in my life. Even when it was clear to me that someone else was responsible.  She would dissect the situation and show me where I was responsible. As an adult, when I need it most, her words echo in my mind, and they keep me from traveling down the road of blame and regret.  This has helped me to overcome many obstacles and challenges in my life

Your life is a reflection of many influences, good and bad. If someone influenced your life in a negative way, you have the power to change it.

When you take responsibility for your life, you will see opportunities for you to make powerful changes and achieve your goals. Blame others, you will remain stuck and some of your dreams will not be realized.

Don’t give up your power

You give up your power when you play the blame game. Can you relate to either of these two stories? I hear these stories time and time again.

As a child you were mistreated your parents and they didn’t show you love. Now you’re an adult, you’re insecure, have trust issues, you lack confidence and you blame it all on your parents.

Your long term relationship ended because your boyfriend cheated. You’ve written of men and romantic love. Your friends are avoiding you because they have heard your blame and regret story too many times.

Change your story and take responsibility for your life

I am referring to the adult you. As a child, you were vulnerable and didn’t have the mindset that allowed you to deflect negativity. However, as an adult, it’s your responsibility to take action to live your life full out.

You cannot go back in time and change your experience with your parents but you’re responsible for how you allow the experience to affect you in the present. You can’t change your parents but you can change you. Take specific action to forgive your parents and love yourself. It’s the age of information and there are many tools available to do this right now. Take responsibility for your life and create your own nurturing reality.

Your boyfriend cheated, not you. Of course it’s painful and you should go through the stages of your loss. To take responsibility and move on, ask yourself these questions:

How did I contribute to this experience?

What signs did I ignore in the beginning of our relationship?

Did I know he was capable of this behavior?

Is this someone I want to be the father of my children?

What did he add to my life?

What can I learn from this experience?

Do I love myself unconditionally?

Do I believe I’m worthy?

Answer these or similar questions and you will have a new experience. Whatever you do, take action to move on and love yourself.

How to take responsibility in your life

It starts with awareness. Write down the answers to the following questions.

What story or stories are you telling over and over again to justify your lot in life?

Who are you blaming?

How does telling your story and blaming others affect your life

What would be your results if you took responsibility for your life now?

Start today and take responsibility for your  life. Create the blueprint for your success.

Own your life experiences

Take action

Stop blaming

Change your story

And your success will be defined you.

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