Pit Stop Day

The benefits of using the New Year, as a gauge, for assessing where you are in comparison to where you want to be, is being trivialized. A resolution in and of itself is not a bad idea; people fail to keep their resolutions because of procrastination, lack of motivation and the biggest reason of them all, lack of  FOCUS.

A resolution is a declaration to do something.

I say, embrace Resolutions.

The beginning of the New Year is an opportune time to resolve to evolve.  Here are 10, easy to weave into your life,  resolutions for the female entrepreneur, who strives  to find balance between her business and personal life.


Make a decision to maintain balance between your business, family and friends. True success is having harmony between your business and your personal life. It is important to note that balance does not mean equal time – it means some time. Web MD gives some easy tips on how to make time, even with your busy schedule.


Your body is your vehicle and like your car it needs maintenance. However, unlike a car, you cannot turn your body in for a new one. Therefore, make a conscious and unconscious decision to make it a priority to exercise. Use your imagination to turn everyday, mundane activities into exercise. Your body will love you for it. Two female entrepreneurs at squeeze it in offer some helpful tips and resources.

I am not sure who coined the phrase “you are what you eat” but it is a true statement. Your body needs proper nutrients to keep you energized,  focused and to optimize longevity.  Entrepreneurs,  love what they are do, so much so, they forget to eat and when they do decide to eat,  it may not be healthy. I implore you, to stop discounting yourself – healthy eating is as easy as 1- 2- 3.  Nuts, shakes, protein bars, fruits and  raw vegetables are some easy choices.  For a variety of choices and recipes visit here.


For your success, written goals are a must.  Write down your S.M.A.R.T goals for your business and personal life. Revisit your goals from 2009 – what are you seeing?  It is important to have short term, long term and longer term goals. You are certainly not a failure if you have to revise your goals.  I personally recommend reviewing your goals from time to time during the year.

Time Management

One of the most valuable assets you have is your time. Maximize your potential by being efficient at managing your time. You will delegate, outsource and ask for help. You will not micro manage, nor sweat the small stuff and you will refuse to wear the “I can do it all” hat. Time Management Expert Jill Morgenstern shares some valuable insights.


Knowledge is power; therefore, make a commitment to educate yourself for your own personal development, as well as for your business success. Staying informed about your line of business will help you to stand out from the noisy competitive crowd. You will give more value to your customers/clients and you will become known as the go to expert.


Organize your life, your home, your office and your desk. Sounds simple but if you are anything like me you will spend valuable time trying to find where you’ve scribbled someone’s name, phone number or other important information. Spend some time organizing and you will have more time for the important stuff.

Write it down

How many times have you said to yourself, I’ll remember? Only to be frustrated a few minutes later – at your inability to remember something you thought would be an easy recall.  Start a new habit today and write it down.


Use the service of an expert such as a CPA or accountant to check your financial health. Are you commingling your personal and business accounts? What strategies do you need to put in place for reducing your business and income taxes? How is your retirement fund? What is your income to debt ratio? These are only a few of the issues you should be discussing with your financial team. The beginning of the New Year is a good time to put your financial house in order. Here’s more detailed information from Entrepreneur on line Financial Planning 101

Pamper yourself

Yes, take some time to be with you, for a stronger mind, body and spirit connection. Women, in general, think it’s selfish to have “me” time  – maybe it less of an issue today,  than it was decades ago but I have friends who feel guilty when they have alone time. You can choose to stay at home, close the door, put up your “do not disturb” sign and read a book. You can meditate or take a long, relaxing bath. How about yoga – a stroll in the park or on the beach? You may choose to go on a retreat. What ever you decide – take some time for you. You will be more confident, focused, productive and energized. Your family and friends will see a marked difference in your personality … they will appreciate you even more.

There are numerous resolutions  you can make  for balanced living in 2010. I hope you find some value in the ten I shared with you.

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Thought Stimulator: One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things.
John Burroughs

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