My beautiful adorable granddaughter graduated from kindergarten today. When I look at her, I realize even more strongly how at this age we are truly innocent.

We arrive on this physical plane for a new experience and except for our genetic memory or as others call it cellular/ primitive memory ( that’s for another blog) Our minds are like a blank piece of paper and the people of influence in our life determines what’s going to be written on it.

This is where it all begins – “the age of innocence” – from approximately age 0 to 8 our life scripting for our present life becomes our default program for success and it resides in the most powerful part of our mind – the SUBCONSCIOUS and it can be difficult to change this programming with your conscious thoughts.

I have mentored many women who spent hours planning a party, researching the purchase of a car but  did not think twice about who they allowed into their inner circle of influence or what the short term and long term effects this individuals imprint was going to have on their child’s innocence.

Ladies, wake up and smell the coffee – this is a MONUMENTAL responsibility.  I know you cannot control all that your child(ren) are exposed to in the modern world. However, in your INNER circle you have total control and ultimately, this is the strongest influence.

I am sorry it is not about YOU, it’s about the innocents. Watch what you say, watch what you do and be careful as to who you allow into your family’s INNER circle.

What will be your child’s default program? Will it be confidence destroying beliefs or confidence building beliefs? Will your daughter be like a rose, growing thorns to protect and defend? Will she live in the shadows or will she be like a beautiful flower that reaches out to the sun.

It is up to you – your influence is greater than you may realize.

My granddaughter has sprouted and I am learning many life lessons as I  watch her transition from a bud into  a beautiful, beautiful flower.

Thought Stimulator: While we try to teach a child  all about life, the child teaches us what life is all about. unknown