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In the next few days make a conscious decision to count how many times you hear the word confidence being used in everyday language, you may be amazed, as I was, that one needs confidence to take action for their successful life. You may know what your purpose is but if you get the jitters when you have to share your brilliance, if you are filled with self doubt, your purpose will remain hidden from those who can benefit the most. You may dream big dreams but if you are afraid to speak up and be heard, your dream will remain a fantasy, a figment of your imagination.

Confidence fuels a successful life. How many times have you seen public figures, singers, actors, politicians, neighbors or friends, whose success overshadows those who are more beautiful, more talented or more knowledgeable? If you ponder for a moment, you will conclude that they have a level of confidence that turned them into a magnet for success.

It is possible to have confidence in one are of your life while lacking confidence in another area. Look into the mirror of your life and see where you could use a confidence boost. Do you lack the confidence to have a conversation with those who are not your friends or relatives? Do you get nervous, anxious or maybe even break out in a sweat in social or business gatherings? If you want to live the life of your dreams, a life of abundance and success, you will have to embrace your fear and take action to ignite your confidence.

Here are three quick and effective  tips to boost your confidence level.

First set the intention in your mind that you are going to be confident.

Secondly, before your event social or business take five minutes to close your eyes and visualize yourself sitting in a movie theater and on the screen you see yourself at the event. Use your imagination to create a detailed experience of this event.

Observe your self talking and walking with confidence. You are comfortable as you interact and speak with the other guests. Create as many details as you can. The more detailed, the more successful you will be in using this as an anchor for your confidence. What are you hearing? What are you seeing? What do you smell? What are you and the other guests wearing? As you look at this movie of the event, bring as many details into it as you possible can. See your self at this event being confident, relaxed and at ease.

Thirdly, now imagine that you stand up and walk up to the screen and step into the movie. You have gone from watching yourself at the event to actually being in the event. Take a few minutes to walk around, be as imaginative as a child and create the experience just the way you would like it to be. Now open your eyes and hold on to this experience.

Make a habit of visualizing your self being confident and after sometime your self confidence will become permanent.

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Thought Stimulator: If you hear the voice within you say “you cannot paint.” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silence. – Vincent Van Gogh

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