I am back on the success train and I have added femininity, forgiveness and fan to the success team.

Let’s talk femininity

Femininity defined

1. The quality or condition of being feminine: womanliness.

2. A characteristic or trait traditionally held to be female.

At best these definitions are vague and ambiguous. I scoured the internet and spoke to several women and I have concluded that the interpretation of femininity is often times subjective. It can be subjective culturally as well as individually.

In some cultures femininity is defined from the male point of view and for others from a religious point of view and it becomes extremely restrictive for the female experience when femininity is defined by men and religion within the same culture.

What is femininity? What are these conditions or qualities of being feminine? What are these characteristics or traits traditionally held to be female?

Does what you wear make you feminine? In some cultures there’s the tradition for the women to wear rings around the neck  to make it elongated and feminine. Does wearing a dress and/or makeup make you feminine? And what of the women who wear pants and those who choose not to wear make up? Are they less feminine or not all feminine?

Having babies, being a mother,  is today a feminine experience. Are you expressing your femininity by having children? If so, what of the women who choose not to have children or those who are unable to have children? Are they not feminine?

Several decades ago a woman’s femininity was expressed by being a stay at home mom and totally dependent on her husband’s financial support. Today, some women are stay at home moms not because they have to or because society dictates it but because they want to be at home experiencing the joys and challenges of motherhood and some have  chosen to be mom entrepreneurs. Does this mean that the women who choose to be part of the corporate world are not feminine?

Is femininity timeless and ageless or is it more like a fad?

As a woman entrepreneur in the western world you are fortunate that you can express your femininity in your own unique way. Of course there will be those who disagree with you but if you remain confident and authentic in your beliefs about your feminine expression, then the lack of validation will not deter you from being your feminine self.

At the same time however, you should allow other women entrepreneurs and women from all walks of life, to express their femininity in their own unique way. You should not judge, you should celebrate, accept and embrace feminine power and the different ways we express our femininity.

What are the timeless qualities of being feminine and how can you the woman entrepreneur use these qualities for a successful business and personal life?

Here’s my opinion

You are innately intuitive. Be still and listen to your inner voice and allow it to influence your decisions. Have confidence in your decision and move forward. So what if it turns out not to be the best decision, that not so good decision will lead you to the better decision.

Don’t buy into that over publicized statement that women do not trust each other and they are jealous of each other. We have listened to that nonsense for so long; we have accepted it as the truth. In the distant past women worked together for the betterment of their families, communities and their world. It was and still is about cooperation instead of competition. This is a timeless feminine quality, one that will help you to have a successful life and with your feminine power you will influence others to do the same.

Let’s create relationships that foster peace between family members, neighbors, communities and the world. Peace, another timeless feminine quality where we make decisions and build businesses that embrace peace not war.

We are nurturers. It’s what we do naturally. Express your feminine essence by nurturing instead of dominating the lives you touch. It does not make you weak and helpless. It’s your tool for expressing your feminine power.

Embrace your feminine power and express YOUR femininity with confidence and authenticity. Make choices that will empower, enrich and transform your life, your community and the world.

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