Happiness is not a goal; it is a -product. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

One of my favorite mantras ” I made a decision long ago to make happiness my best friend” was challenged a friend of mine. She does not believe you can be happy “just because.”

We decided to make a list of questions about happiness and I am sharing some of them with you.

This is not my first post about happiness. I thought it was worth re-visiting.


  • Can you be happy “just because?”
  • Is happiness subjective?
  • Do you need an external stimuli to be happy?
  • Is happiness a choice?
  • Is happiness contagious?
  • Can you have a successful life without happiness?
  • Do people really mean it when they say: I have never been happy?
  • Can happiness be pursued?
  • Can you be happy without external confirmation?

What is happiness anyway?

This video shows people on the street answering that question. Fascinating ideas, especially when someone carves his/her answer in stone.

Enjoy, and lets continue the conversation in the comment section.

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To your magnificence!

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