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What My Mother Means to me.

My mother was an amazing woman. I find it difficult to say what she means to me in just a few sentences. Even though she has left the physical world a day doesn’t go where a thought of her doesn’t linger in mind: her words of wisdom and her unwavering love and devotion for her seven children. She was dedicated to giving us tools to help us live happy and fulfilling lives. She supported our dreams and aspirations. She wanted her children to be extraordinary.

If I had to choose one word to describe my mother – it would be compassionate. She was a loving caring soul. On the island of Antigua, my mom’s business was selling perishable goods (fruits and vegetables) to the hotels and the general public. She always reached out to those in need. She fed the homeless, and they knew they could depend on my mom to give them a day job.

When the ladies of night shopped for their fruits and veggies others whispered and judged them. My mom befriended them, listened to their stories and didn’t pass judgement. I remember this as if it was yesterday.

My mother was and still is the most influential person in my life.

She showed me how to be compassionate. How to stay calm in chaos and uncertainty. She inspired me to raise my children to be seen and heard. She taught me how to listen and without being judgmental. My mom was my biggest fan – she encouraged me to go the distance, and not to settle for second best.

My mom instilled in me to always follow the golden rule – treat others the way I want to be treated.

Happy Mother’s Day to my EXTRAordinary mother. I love you!

Here’s what a few of my friends had to say about their mothers. Click on the links to learn more about each one of the ladies.

Akim Wilson

Akim Wilson CEO of The Royal Family, Inc.

My mom symbolizes compassion, a spirit of improvision, teaching example and one that did the very best with what she knew. I learned compassion from my mother because she has suffered from mental health issues off and on from the time of my childhood.

Before I matured spiritually I wanted to distance myself from her and all the pain that the illness caused me, but instead I learned to move closer to her because it was the illness that I disliked not my mother.

By being my mother’s child she taught me to have compassion for people suffering from afflictions. People can teach you in many ways. When my mother was not going through mental health episodes she taught me through her actions and her words that if I wanted anything I would have to go get it myself. I recall times going with my mother to work day labor which showed me to never look down on people and that making a little bit of honest money was better than asking for hand-outs or compromising my morals for money.

My mother did not grow up in a household that showed affection thus she was not that type of mother, yet she has her own way of showing love and I recognize it because love is felt. I know my mother loves my brothers and I. At the end of the day most mothers do the very best that they can their children according to what they know and as a mother myself this knowing makes it easy for me to say to my daughter I messed up, I apologize or I was wrong without the pressure of trying to keep up this perfect parent facade.

The truth is none of us are perfect and my mother was not perfect, but she was my first teacher and she taught me how to be a lady just the way she carried herself, taught me compassion and empathy and how to get up get out and do something if I wanted something out of life. My mother means life to me because had she not chosen my father as a mate I would not be the wonderful healthy woman that I am today. Had she not housed me in her womb for nine months I would not be here and I am thankful that she was healthy enough to carry me and deliver me into this world healthy and that she did not abort me because she could have.

Thank you mama you really mean the world to me, you are a goddess.


Joie Gharrity Brand Strategist, Social Media Influencer, Speaker and founder of No.113 Branding

My mother always encouraged me to be driven and to pursue my dreams but she also inspired me to embrace my unique qualities.

Her gift of love and encouragement helped me to meet challenges head on, stand in my spotlight and allow my unique-self to shine bright. She helped me to build my self-confidence and develop leadership characteristics.

A Mother’s Influence

I credit my mother with being the inspiration behind every decision I have made.
My mother’s decision to stay home with me as a young child rather then immediately pursue a career has taught me that there can be many different definitions of success. My mother’s decision to pursue her college degree while taking care of two young children taught me that as long as I stay the course I will always be able to reach my goals.

Honoring Inspiration

I honor my mother who is the inspiration for my success with the following note of appreciation:

Dear Mama G,
I want to thank you for your encouragement and support to always follow my dreams and never to define myself other people’s standards throughout the years. You have always praised my strengths while offering me the encouragement I needed to overcome adversity. It is because of you that I have found the strength and courage to swing for the stars, and I am so very proud to be your daughter. You inspired the No.113 Brand because you are the ultimate No.113 Woman.
Joie Gharrity


Tai Young

Tai Young – Fashion Stylist and Makeup Artist

My mother (Gloria Young) is the epitome of an independent woman. She held her own as a single mom since I was 3 years old, keeping me put together and keeping our lives in order was her main concern. I can at tribute my success, my eye for style and my hustle mentality to her. I’m very thankful she showed me the value of work ethic and drive. She is my most trusting source of support and I wouldn’t change our relationship for anything.

Sandra Dee Robinson

 Sandra Dee Robinson – Owner and Founder at Sandra Dee Robinson’s Charisma on Camera

I will never be able to compete with Mom in the kitchen, in particular, baking. Cakes and pies were her specialty. I have not found anyone that can beat her apple pie or banana bread. I swear she left out an ingredient or two when she handed down the banana bread recipe! Olfactory memories can be the most vivid, and the smell of home will always be warm and sugary sweet.

Crystal Washington

 Crystal Washington – Marketing Strategist, Social Media Consultant, International Speaker

My mother, Katharine Washington, was a teenager when she gave birth to me. Yet, even in her youth, or maybe because of her own struggle as a teen mom, she instilled in me a strong desire to be self sufficient. I watched her fix electronics, build shelves, and carry extremely heavy items. I observed her working hard to earn enough to support us, finding creative ways to save money, and finding equally creative ways to entertain us. As a result, I didn’t put limits on myself. What an amazing gift!


Dr. Cheryl Cottle – CEO  at Cottle’s Professional Consulting

My mom, Monica, has been a pillar of strength and guidance to all of her children. She is the mother of six children and is fortunate today to have all of them alive. She also has 13 grandchildren and two great grand.

If someone was to ask me what type of mother Monica is and was throughout the years, I would say a very dedicated mother. She worked very hard to ensure that her children had a home, food and an education so that they can have a life that had promise.

She was a real homemaker with many skills including sewing, crocheting and embroidering. For many years she balanced work and motherhood doing an excellent job as she found a balance to enjoy her personal life and enjoy her children and grand-children.
Happy Mother’s Day to a wonderful woman and may you live to enjoy many, many, more mother’s days.


Merri Jill Finstrom – Chief Creative Officer and Co-Owner at HUTdogs

My Mom continues to be one of the most supportive people in my life. I have shared some of life’s most precious moments with her. She has an open mind and a brilliant sense of humor. She’s the kind of mom that doesn’t hover and rescue. She has taught me how to be resourceful and figure things out. They say autonomy results in a good self esteem. I’m thankful my mom instinctively understands this and I try to be mindful of it as I raise my daughter.

I have never appreciated her more than when I became a Mom myself. She just “gets it” and she has fun with my daughter. You will often find my dad and her riding in the wagon or jumping in the pool right with the kids. They don’t judge, they go with the flow and contribute to the fun factor. My mom has a gift for understanding what is needed and helpful. There’s a song that says “It’s okay no to be okay.” My mom has seen a lot of “I’m not okay” moments with me and in her patient way she helps me through it all. If all else fails in my life, I am comforted in knowing one thing, my mom loves me and I sure love her back!

astraAstra Spider – The Abundance Shaman

My magical mom has always been very practical and very resourceful…while at the same time embracing the energy and freedom of having been an artistic flower child of the 60’s! I was born in 1970 and

enjoyed an extremely creative and artistic childhood, which provided the backdrop to my study of creative writing, visual arts and theater in grammar school, high school and college. My mom also has incredible intuitive gifts, and I know I inherited these gifts. I am very grateful for this!

If I were to paint a short word-portrait of my mom, it would go a little something like this: Strong, caring, accepting, creative, funny, artistic…an all-seeing eye, and a spirit that never quits.

Thank you, powerful-hippy-practical-magic lady, for passing along your many gifts to me

 Treasure Enterp

Treasure Enterp – Partner at Treasure Enterprises Consulting & Management

My Mother is the Queen of All Queens to me. She is a woman of grace, a Proverbs 31 woman and LOVE. Christell E. Benson is what beauty looks like to me. She is forgiving, a goddess, a wise woman and all that God has called her to be.

We’ve haven’t always gotten along and growing up there were ways I despised, but when I began to focused on all that was lovely and wonderful, I didn’t see the spots any more. She has raised 7 beautiful children and in all her might, is a pillar of glue in our family. She is a hard worker, determined, runs 2 businesses and I make a vow to make sure that the rest of her life is filled with bliss and she is taken care of like the Queen she is and has been. To me Mother’s Day is everyday and I love the mother she is grooming me to be.

Lula Carter

 Lula Carter – Owner at Carter Elite Travel – Your Personal Travel Concierge

My Mom was amazing… She was a true fighter and was sick most of the time I was growing up, but she always managed to have a smile on her face and knew how to  make the worst day the best day.

She always wanted the best for me and encouraged me to never give up no matter how many times I think I failed.

She was my true Shero and I miss her so very much, but I still talk to her daily as if she was still her with me.

Clarsey M Simpson, you were the BEST Mom anyone could ever have.

Towanda M. Allen

Towanda M. Allen – Inspirational Speaker and Author

My mother may not be with us in the physical, but is with us always. Blessed to have a parent that sacrificed everything for us, to make sure she was home in the window when we went to school and when we came home.Our mother made sure she equipped us with the tools we needed to be successful women in LIFE, such as RESPECT for self and others, SELF-LOVE, KINDNESS, BE a GIVER not a TAKER, and some good old COMMON SENSE!!

Can’t go wrong with that!
I honor you mom, appreciate everything you have done for us, and keep SHINING!!



Pat Hubbard – Pat Hubbard’s Designs

Hi Adalia, my daughter asked me if she could share her feelings about me and I was so honored and thrilled this request that I am sending you her words for your blog,

“Without my mom, there would be no me. Her unconditional love and support has shaped me into who I am today. My mom has been there for me during the rough times and the best times, regardless of the mistakes I have made. She never looked down on my mistakes or made me feel poorly about myself for decisions. Her unconditional support as paved the road to my future success. My mom is my wall, my rock, my strength, and my best friend.

The way she can help heal every wound and solve every problem from when I was a little girl to the women I am now. No matter my age my mom has and will always be the constant source of strength, safety and security. To me – being a mother means being a protector, disciplinarian, friend, and a selfless, and loving human being. I don’t know any mom that fits that role better then my mom.

My mom has always put her own needs below my own no matter what it cost her. I am honored to be your daughter and honored to have her as my mother and my friend.”

Susan Daniel – Social Media Designer and Curator at Susan Daniels

My mother is 81 years old and still drives clear across the “Large” State of Oregon from Payette, Idaho (across the river from Ontario, Oregon) to the Willamette Valley where two of her children live. She does this 3 – 4 times per year. Her dedication to the betterment and comfort of her children has always amazed me and still does. She is the most amazing woman I know.

Jeané Elliott Bennett – Author and Home Biz Owner

Ode to my Mother.

My mother was a mother that did not falter. She had a heart for everyone. To this day her caring ways does not go without notice. I’m glad she’s still here. Love you Mom.

Christine Johnson – President/CEO at You Never Stop Learning

Talk about someone to look up to – that’s Mom. We were both so glad
after the teenaged years that we became friends: “Always my mom, now too
my friend”. She understands, guides, listens, laughs and is respected everyone she meets; she’s caregiver to Dad; she does this with extreme dignity and grace and is teaching me to become the same with my own husband. She’s made a difference in the world and what more can we ask of ourselves?


Mujiba Salaam Parker – Success Coach

My mother has loved me since before I was born. She wanted me so she could have more love in her life. And she has loved me to the best of her ability. Recently, I have seen how much she loves me how much she helps and is concerned for me. I’m so thankful to have a loving mother who I love as well. My mother is truly a gift from God to me.

Colette Morris – Home Biz Marketing Coach and Internet Marketing Strategist

Treasures are hard to find, people are always looking for them.
They hold hope of what might be, and dreams of what can be
Sometimes, your treasure is right before your eyes, and you
Just can’t see it.
When found, the feeling is extraordinary, you feel full of delight
and that’s how I feel about my mom.

 Kadena Tate – Business Acceleration Alchemist Author “Authentic Prosperity”

“My mother has gifted me with her unconditional love, understanding, compassion, nurturing, and support. Every year I struggle with the idea that a physical gift of any kind, whether a card, flowers, jewelry or a well prepared meal , can ever truly express the depths of my gratitude for the gift that I call “Moma”.

Happy Mother’s Day Helen Tate! I love you forever….”

 Vana Thiero – Producer/Autism Advocate

My Mom is a genuine and free spirit. Everyone always has and does feel comfortable telling her their troubles and she provides loving & un-sugar-coated advice.

 Rochelle Jefferson – Graduate Student

My mother Maxine Veronica Wade Jefferson is amazing, a trailblazer and my inspiration.  Thank you momma, for just being your authentic self…I will love you forever…Ro Ro



Hillary Glaser- Marketing Manager

As a new Mom, I really appreciate the hard work and efforts my Mom put into raising me! She’s always been there for me, guiding me with her experiences  but letting me fly free to have my own journeys. The words “Thank You” don’t seem to be big enough for the gratitude I have when it comes to my Mom. When ever I need her, she’s there, with a smile on her face and an open ear for listening. I hope to be as kind and generous to my kids as she was to me.

Joanna Lindenbaum – Soulful Coaching

As I get older, and especially since I’ve become a mom myself, I understand more and more the depth of love and caring that my mother has for me. Yes, we have argued over the years, yes, there have been misunderstandings, unappreciated advice, and seemingly unfair curfews. That goes with the territory. But what stands out the most is the ways my mother has been able to hold space for me, for my feelings, the ways she’s been able to to provide comfort and security, and the ways she looks at me with her dark brown eyes to let me know how important and valuable I am.-

Thanks Ladies for sharing your mothers.

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