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What you eat affects your self-confidence

Even though lack of confidence is caused by a number of reasons, the feeling of not being good enough intensifies  with unhealthy eating. It’s much easier to feel good about your outer world when you feel good on the inside. And you can ignite or boost  those good feelings with nutritious foods.

Seven super foods to help you live longer

I came across an infographic, Seven Super Foods to Help You Live Longer, by Lemongraphic of Singapore. The key word is help – these foods can help you to live longer and help you to feel good on the inside – which in turn can boost your self-confidence.  However,  you have to add other strategies for optimum health and rock solid confidence.

One of the suggested foods is Kale.  One month ago I added Kale to my diet –  yes, I’ve only been eating kale for a month. I use kale and other fruits and veggies to make a nutritious drink and my #2 son loves to make kale chips. They’re delicious.

Entrepreneurs forget to take care of themselves

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to forget to take care of their bodies and nutritional needs. A successful business, healthy relationships or a fat bank account doesn’t mean anything if your health prevents you from enjoying your abundance.

That is why, even though I’m here to inspire and motivate you to have confidence in your business and personal life, occasionally I will post some valuable information that will inspire you to pay attention to your health.

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” ― Herophilus

Here’s the infographic – it’s a great complement to my other post 12 ways your mind benefits from exercise. Please share your thoughts.

Your turn

Do you believe what you eat affects your confidence?

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