Become unstoppable with confidence and unlock your potential through reading.

When was the last time you read an empowering book? As a woman entrepreneur it is extremely important for you to set aside some time each week (maybe each day) to read an empowering book. Reading is a must for your personal development and your business success. Books provide nourishment for your mind. They expand your awareness and keep you informed and educated about the world, and the people you want to serve.

Reading exposes you to new ideas and thoughts, they’ll motivate and inspire you to make changes in the way you’re doing business, or how you’re living your personal life. And others will reaffirm the beliefs and values you already have.

Reading encourages you to think and it empowers you with knowledge. Knowledge is power! There’s a vast array of books at your disposal, and tools to make offline and online reading easier: –Kindle , books on tapes, MP3, e books etc.

Excuses be gone

There is no excuse for not reading regularly. You can listen in your car, when you exercise, at the computer, taking a walk, or you can read a few pages just before going to bed. Empower your self with knowledge; add reading to your toolkit for a successful life.

I grew up on the island of Antigua and I can recall how hungry we were for the written word and how appreciative we were for the books we had. We would never throw a book in the trash. Fast forward forty years and I see dozens of books being thrown into the garbage. I personally think this is tragic.

Here’s what Mike Michalowicz, author of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, had to say about this topic  in his article “The Must-Read Books For Women Entrepreneurs”

“I heard a sad joke about American entrepreneurs during my travels in Europe a few months back. A speaker asked the audience “How do you hide a secret from an American?” Then she took a dramatic pause and said “You write it in a book.” People laughed. I didn’t.”

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Your turn

Share your favorite book of all times.

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