Do women help and support each other? 

I was at a networking event when I overheard two women speaking to each other and the topic of conversation had to do with women not supporting each other.

There’s this long-held belief that women don’t support each other.  Fast forward to today, you’d think this belief would be as outdated as the idea that women shouldn’t wear pants. Not so!

My 29 year old daughter says that women don’t support each other because this is what she has been experiencing personally and professionally. I’m sure if I did some research I would find some validation.

So which one of these statements is a myth?

Women support each other.

Women don’t support each other.

I prefer to focus on what I’ve been observing and experiencing – women  supporting each other as friends and in business. It’s happening locally and globally.

If you’re observing something different please share.

Today, I want to Spotlight  An Extraordinary woman who uses her time and brilliance to help other women internationally.

In 1993 she founded the humanitarian organization Women For Women International. Women For Women International helps women survivors of war and other conflicts to change their lives and their world.

Meet Extraordinary woman Zainab Salbi the founder of Women For Women International. Zainab Salbi was the CEO of the organization from

women helping women


1993 to 2011.  She’s an author of several books one of which documents her life under Saddam Hussein’s rule. Zainab has been honored by Former President Bill Clinton for her work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Her organization has a stellar 12 month program that teaches women employment and business skills. They are also taught how to be leaders in their communities and leave the program with an understanding of their rights.

Presently, they help women in eight war-torn and post-conflict countries in Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East and South Asia.

 Zainab Salbi is a perfect example of Women helping Women. And her organization, Women For Women, is changing the world one woman at a time.

Meet Women for Women International

It’s a wrap

What you focus on expands. If you focus  on the women who aren’t helping each other, you’ll find them. However, the opposite is also true (Law of Polarity), if you focus on women supporting each other, you’ll find them right in your neighborhood.

Your turn

what are your thoughts about women supporting each other?

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