“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any
excuse.” ― Florence Nightingale

My daughter and I were talking about the  “fear of humiliation.”  I know it’s a problem for many, but my daughter made me realize even more that this was a HUGE problem for both young and old.

In our conversation, I learned  that many of her friends and associates found it difficult, even impossible, to admit they had fears. Instead of addressing their fears – they validated their reason for not doing something with an EXCUSE.

Your excuses are  your fears in disguise ~ Adalia

No more excuses

What are  some of the excuses you’ve made recently? Were they genuine excuses or has your subconscious mind being conditioned to cover up your fears with excuses?

If you’ve concluded that your excuses are fears in disguise – here’s  an inspirational video from Nike. Ignore the commercial element and, hopefully, you’ll be inspired to stop making excuses and face your fears, head on.

For your inspiration – No More Excuses

It’s a wrap

There’ll never be a short supply of excuses  Don’t accept them when your subconscious mind serves them. Nine times out of ten, it’s your fear in disguise. 

 You’ll get additional benefits from reading my series are any of these five fears holding you back.”

Your turn

Share your insights about this video. Also, Have you used excuses to avoid addressing you fears?

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