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Hello  entrepreneurs,

Are you struggling to get customers/clients?

Are you struggling to grow your business?

Maybe you’re not in alignment for your business success.  Have you ever driven a car that needed an alignment? It doesn’t  feel right and depending on the degree of this problem, it could be dangerous driving that car. If your inner and outer game are not aligned, you could be repelling instead of attracting business.

My definition:

Inner game – mindset, emotions, core values, essence, beliefs, passion, purpose, brilliance.

Outer Game – marketing, physical reflections of your inner game.

Aligning your inner and outer game for your business success is a five part series where I’ll discuss my five key components for aligning your inner and outer game. You’re going to turn the mirror on to yourself and become SELF- absorbed but on the positive end of the pole.

These components are:

  1. Self-knowledge
  2. Self-acceptance
  3. Self-confidence
  4. Self-awareness
  5. Self-discipline

Self -Knowledge

Self Knowledge is about knowing who you are: your essence, your values, your core foundation, your brilliance. You have to know who you are before you can tell your clients who you are. This can be a challenge if you’re suggestible to external stimuli … other people’s voices echoing in your head or your own garbled self-talk.  Are you being the authentic you or are you living someone’s definition of you?

Self Knowledge will help you to remove the clutter, the voices that negate your authenticity(even your own). It will help you to connect to your purpose and your brilliance. No more second guessing yourself. You’ll know the people you want to serve and the business you want to grow. You’ll serve them fully and vibrantly because you are being authentic and adding value to their lives.

Do you have a business  you love?

Is your business a reflection of your core values and your purpose?

Self knowledge will make it easy for you to answer these questions and align your inner and outer game for your success. Your business will reflect who you are and attract the people you want to serve.

How to develop self knowledge ( allow the real you to stand up)

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Pay attention to how you interact with others, your environment.

Pay attention to your skills, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Pay attention to your emotions. We are emotional beings and most of our decisions are based on our emotions. Are your emotional decisions reflecting the real you?

Pay attention to your self-talk: is that your voice? Do the words empower you? Would you speak like that to a friend?

Use meditation, yoga, or hypnosis to connect, observe, understand and accept who you are.

There are many personality tests floating around this one may help you learn a thing or two about you: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  (this is not free. I’m not an affiliate)

A qualified coach or mentor can guide you on this journey of self-discovery.

It’s not important what modality you use for self knowledge. Just do it. Otherwise, those who need your unique gifts may not connect with you. That, my friend, would be a tragedy.

On the road for aligning your inner and outer game, your next encounter, self-acceptance, the topic of my next post.

To the magnificent ” on the road of self-knowledge” unstoppable you!

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